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November 4 - Numinously Cerulean


One day last week I walked out my back door into a day that was incredibly beautiful. I saw my neighbor and inquired as to how he was doing and he looked at the sky and said "numinously cerulean!" (He's always coming up with creative word combinations to let me know his state of mind). I turned and looked over my shoulder into what was one of the most amazing cloud and sun duets I had ever seen. I think he was right on the money with his word gumbo. Thank you, JD! 


There's nothing as beautiful as a Margene Sky!

Great photo, Margene! Wow

PERFECT word gumbo to describe that stunning sky! Enjoy your day, Margene. XO

I have to second that thought, love those Utah skies!

Thanks for sharing, Margene, and thanks to JD for two wonderfully combined words! I'm going to be repeating, savoring, and delighting in them all day!

I am going to have to look up those words, but they sound impressive. And that sky! It looks like it was advertising the beauty of the day to come.

That is so lovely to see, especially since it's dreary here today! Gorgeous!!

Love it! the view is spectacular, but the word combo ... just makes me smile!

That indeed was a creative use of words. Good for you for capturing the image!

Spot on wording! Incredible photo!

That is one gorgeous sky! (Elder Son once gave me "fiscal anorexia" to describe mindless budget cutting in government.)

Love this! JD must be fun to know!

Wowza! Just stunning! I love to look at the's always entertaining and commanding!

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