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As I wandered along one of the old trails in Murray Park I realized there were a few houses abutting its boundary. Along the fence line I could see a red bench sitting next to a little red house and I new immediately it must be a "Free Little Library". I've found other libraries around the valley and stopped to look through some, even dropping off books once in awhile. The next day I went back to the library and added a few books to its top shelf. The bottom shelf holds only children's books. I plan on checking back to see if there is anything I'd like to read and, when I have a book to spare, I'll drop it by. Next summer I think I'll sit on the bench and read awhile. Do you have any little libraries in your neighborhood?  Would you consider starting one? 

Happy Weekend, everyone!


We saw a lovely little free library in the little town where my son lives. It was quite beautiful (and right around the corner from a very adorable little public library, which I hope means that this is a reading community!) But, there is no free library in my neighborhood at all (but we have an excellent public library system) This might be an excellent challenge to create. I have a good number of children's books and adult books that could be easily added!

I've thought many times about putting in a little library BUT I live at the back of a gated neighborhood so I just don't think it would get a lot of traffic.

I am scheming about putting one in at my boyfriend's house. He just doesn't know it yet. Lol

There are many I've seen in town and a bunch in Flagstaff where my daughter is at college.

I've heard that there is one in my town now but I haven't searched for it yet. There is one in the neighborhood on the Cape where we vacation and we have utilized it! It's such a great little program.

We have little libraries all over Kalamazoo! I love finding them. I was thinking about doing one myself, but then one of my neighbors created one -- and we certainly don't need two on the same block. So now, I just frequent hers, and drop off books now and again. Little libraries are such a delight! XO

The friends of our local library built four Free Little Libraries around town, and I'm lucky enough to have one right across from my house in the park. Two others are on my walking route, and it's a treat to find an unexpected good book and to drop off books for others. Yours is in a beautiful setting and I love the bench - an invitation to sit and read!

That bench looks like an inviting place to sit and read! I have seen these when I've been on vacation but haven't seen any in my small town. We are fortunate to have two libraries, our public library, which is part of a large library system, so it is pretty easy to get almost any book you want in a reasonable amount of time. The second library is at Eastern Illinois University and it is amazing! It has the best children's library I have ever seen.

I've heard of them but have never seen one! I'd love to create one in our little town...we have a really nice park or a YMCA where it would probably get a lot of use!

We have a Little Free Library in the park by my house that I have both borrowed from and contributed to. I'm a big fan & can never resist stopping at the ones I pass.

Ali has an ENORMOUS Little Free Library within the coffee shop, built for her by a customer! There are a number of other LFLs in our little city, including at the grocery store entrances.

I love the bench by the LFL you found. What a great idea! We don't have any in the area where I live...there are supposed to be some near my office, but I haven't gotten out to look for them.

What a neat idea! I love spreading the reading love! xo

There is a FLL right down the street from me. I use it , and I contribute books . I pass it every time I walk the dogs, so I always check out what's new. It's nice to read a new to me book that I don't have to worry about taking back to the main library. The lady who has it has a small notebook inside where we can leave notes about books and messages to neighbors. But we don't have a bench, and your LFL looks perfect with that bench next to it.

I live out in the middle of nowhere, so no one would see my little library, but I love the idea of it immensely. If I ever live in town, that's when I would create one :)

Our tiny village of 918 souls has two, count 'em, TWO little free libraries, plus one at the public beach at a nearby lake. One of the Friends of the Library maintains them.

We have a Little Free Library at the outdoor mall near us. It's wonderful! (and there are some lovely sitting spots close by to enjoy reading - or knitting and people watching!)

We have a number of them up here. I've often thought about putting one outside my house given that we live on a main road. Such a fun idea!

There are at least 4-5 in the neighborhoods where I do most of my walking...and I am reminded that I have a few books to share, too! They are fun to look at: what's in and on them.

My friend Kris has one in front of her house that her husband built. It matches her chicken coop!

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