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November 27 - First Steps

November 26 - Light On!

Just after dark I drove into our condo and saw Santa's reindeer practicing their Christmas Eve moves. 


They're working hard to get things off the ground and since Christmas is about 28 days away I think they'll have plenty of time. 


Lights all over the grounds have been lit and the trees near our front door are aglow! I lined all my windows with lights and have lights sparkling throughout the house, plus a few menorahs ready with candles we can light on December 12th. I count the days until the return of the light, my favorite of all the winter celebrations.  


The lead reindeer looks like he's going to hit that tree. He definitely needs more practice.


I just love all the lights at this time of year! XO

Beautiful! The lights are the best part of these dark days!

I love the lights best of all, thanks for sharing the ones in your neighborhood!

Oh how nice. No lights here in the neighborhood, yet...nor have I pulled out any lights for the inside...this week, tho. I enjoy the prep as much if not more so!


That's wonderful!! I've been counting the days for a while now... it's getting closer!! ;)

All of your lights look wonderful, and you can tell your condo manager that they are cheering people as far away as NJ

Oh I love all the lights - and those colorful ones on the trees are just plain fun!

Beautiful! Such a lovely way to light the darkness.

I live in a remote area so I do not light up the outside of my house. I do love driving thru town and seeing everyone's decorations though :)

These are lovely and so very cheerful. I put my lights up in my den a few weeks ago. They are very helpful this time of year, and all thanks to your suggestion, Margene!

Looks like Dasher is going to need some practice! :-) We got the outside lights up yesterday too and I must say the big wreath is particularly nice this year!

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