November 24 - Three T-day Things
November 26 - Light On!


Oh. my! Beautiful, thank you for sharing, Margene!

It is one of the most stunning views EVER! And you get it every time you open your door! How cool is that??? (And thanks for sharing, too.) XO

I LOVE your view, too, and am awed every time you share it!

Oh my goodness, Margene, it's not hard to see why!! And I also love your view... and that you are able to share it! ❤

That view is unbeatable. I love our cozy neighborhood, but I would never say it is more beautiful than that mountain!

Thank-you for sharing...and it is beautiful each and every time. What a beautiful country we live in!

Simply gorgeous, Margene - I love that view too - thank you for sharing!

The best part of your view is that you have not begun to take it for granted. It is quite beautiful and a daily gift to you.

Your view always makes me smile.

and I LUV your view too! Deeeep sigh!


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