November 23 - Grateful Day
November 25 - #lovemyview

November 24 - Three T-day Things


One of the warmest Thanksgiving Day's on record, demanded a walk on the new trail. I complied. The temperature was 65 and the day incredibly beautiful. As I took of on the trail, Smith played/worked in his garden.

The garden guys love discarded wood and often rummage through other peoples junk piles to gather up unwanted supplies. As sometime happens, one of Smith's buddies brought in a bunch of discarded wood, including an old door. Smith knew just what to do. He spent the morning building a cold frame (sans hinges) and finished just before we left for the T-day celebration. 


This picture, my friends, is of two GF pies, delicious GF pies. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to partake in the tradition of eating apple and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. We brought the leftover pies home and that apple pie doubled as breakfast (as leftover pie should) and the pumpkin will be even better tonight after dinner (or maybe FOR dinner). Monica went above and beyond to make Thanksgiving Day special for many of her friends and family. 

Today is my day to decorate, putter around the house, do some knitting, reading, and, maybe, sewing. The last thing I'd plan to do today is shop. Not even on-line. Put your feet up, have a cup of tea, and just relax for an hour or three. You'll have a lovely day, I guarantee it. 


Monica is such a great friend!
Enjoy every bite of those pies.

Bravo for eschewing shopping today! It’s a great day to enjoy your blessings.

Those pies look awesome! (And Smith's cold frame is just gorgeous!) I headed to the gym this morning for a good workout. It was So. Hard. To. Do. but now I'm glad I did it. No shopping for me today AT ALL. (Ugh. That whole scene just makes me tired. . .) XO

Yay for leftover pies you can eat and balmy Thanksgiving walks! Have a lovely day!

Hooray for delicious pies you can eat! I'm gladly taking your advice and not shopping. Well, today is trash day, and I shopped a neighbor's trash and found two old windows for cold frames. I told John that I would love if it he built me one for Christmas. Smith's looks just perfect!

No shopping here, either, except for maybe a couple of things from Amazon. Those pies are beautiful and I'm glad to hear delicious, too! Pie for breakfast is a wonderful thing.

Those pies are lovely! And, that cold frame!! Perfect! Glad your day was wonderful!

That cold frame is great!! I did a few "shoulds" today, but mostly relaxed and knit while sipping tea... and feeling thankful. :)

Oh, those pies look to be scrumptious. Do enjoy! My trip to Barnes & Noble was quite uncomplicated - people were out shopping but the traffic was most reasonable and the line for buying my books moved quickly enough. Enjoyed my brief outing ...

Those pies look amazing! I'm glad they taste(d?) good, too! I ventured out early to buy a tree, but that was it. I enjoyed a walk, a little knitting and a late afternoon with my favorite little boys and their folks. (more on that later). Happy long weekend ... it's hard to believe it's "only" Saturday!

I did as little as possible yesterday after having pie for breakfast. Hooray for the day after! It's just as great in a different way. I am envious of your walk. It's cold here.

I didn't end up shopping at E. S. K. and spent the day reading, knitting, a walk and hanging around. Just perfect. (And a couple of Stranger Things.) and I hope those pie meals were delicious!

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