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November 23 - Grateful Day


The first blog I read this morning was Bonny's and her quote by Henry David Thoreau, which said it all. "I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual." The perfection of that quote hit me in my heart. It is truth.

Since July 13, my last day of work. I have said to myself on a daily basis, "I am so grateful for this life." I feel it, I say it, I acknowledge it daily, because I never thought I would be here. Retired and loving it. I haven't even begun to tap all that I want to do with my one "precious life" (as Mary Oliver calls it). 

First and foremost I must acknowledge my gratitude for sharing my life with a wonderful man. I couldn't have picked anyone more kind and generous. I am fortunate and so deeply grateful. 

Second I am daily grateful for my home, the warmth, the light, the food that is there without worry. My daily life takes for granted my car, my mundane tasks of grocery shopping, or of buying dinner out. I have SO much more than so many others. My heart is near to bursting with gratitude. 

There is so much more that fills my heart with gratitude, not least of which is technology. By the grace of opening this screen, I have at my finger tips a wealth of friends, some near, some far. Friends I see regularly would not have come into my life without the internet. Friends I have never met would not be in my life without the internet. I feel I am the most fortunate person in the world. I have so much. I have a wonderful life. I could not wish for more. 




Lovely post. Thanks for passing along the HDT quote.

Well this is just lovely. I am all verklempt over here and feeling so grateful for many of the same things you listed. I can’t imagine my life without you and your friendship!

It's clear that your thanksgiving is perpetual, and I am grateful that you share that gratitude with us, along with your mountain photos, your knitting, reading, your life, and your friendship.

I'm grateful for your friendship!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The true meaning of happiness is wanting what you already have, and I think you do, Margene, so you must be very happy! I agree, we take so much for granted, but that is human nature. At least we strive to remember and be grateful. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at this stage of my life. Who knew I would get here and still have enough miles left in me to enjoy it? I hope you have the best Thanksgiving evah! Don't forget to let us know about the hummus!

This is a truly beautiful post, Margene. You share your gratitude so beautifully! I hope your day is amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

This is an inspiration to acknowledge everything that we are grateful for.

What a lovely post! Happy Thanksgiving!

Margene, such an eloquently said is clearly from your heart and warms mine. Thanks for sharing and uplifting us with your words, not only today but everyday.

This post made the end of my Thanksgiving day a little more special...I love it and I love you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Marshall!

Oh, Margene. This is just the BEST POST. I didn't have time to read blogs yesterday, so I'm just getting caught up today. But your post? It makes me feel like you just gave me a big hug. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Marshall -- every day! XOXO

Oh, that's just lovely, Margene! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Beautiful, Margene - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Everything you said. What a life we live. XOXO

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