November 20 - Maybe Monday
November 22 - Eve

November 21 - Tuesday

The first thing I do on Tuesday, after looking through my email and reading a few blogs, is head out the door to my water aerobics class. Tuesday and Thursday classes are at 8:15 and I like to have my exercise taken care of early in the day.  Smith has the day off today and we thought we'd make a quick trip to Costco after I'd washed off the pool smell. But, when I arrived home Smith told me we had no water. A water main break up the street has shut off our water and we're not sure when it will be back on. We have been through this a couple of times this summer and it's getting old, but aging pipes seem to be the culprit. 

Anyway, we went to Costco. I bought new glasses. Two pair. Unplanned but necessary.  I'm pleased as punch, as it's been six years since my last upgrade. We got a few more items, stopped for lunch on our way home and thought surely we'd been away long enough that the water would be back on. Nope. At this moment in time, the laundry is on hold, as is the cleaning of the bathrooms, and the shower I wanted to take to get the pool smell off of me.


The nice thing is it is 55 degrees (and rising) and since I can't clean or do laundry, I thought about taking a walk along the new trail, but, as it turns out, workmen have blocked the path because they are putting in crosswalks and sidewalks where the path crosses the road.  


I could sit on my patio and read with my new companion by my side. Isn't he darling? His happy continence just makes me smile and smiling makes me happy, as does clear blue sky and warm air. Tuesday is not going anything like I'd planned, but I think it's going well enough. 


This is definitely not your water year.

I feel your water troubles! You made the best of your day, even without a shower. Love your new companion!

I do hope your water is back soon, but it is kind of fun that you can't do laundry or clean. You tried! I think your new companion looks wonderfully cheerful, and is laughing with delight that you have to read on the patio.

Oh I sure hope the water came back yesterday - but I must say, apart from that, sure sounds like a good day!

bummer about the no water! eye glasses are so important and make life so much nicer when you can see it. I just had mine adjusted and gosh she did a great job, they are not sliding off my face!

I love your new garden buddha! And I hope your water is back. It's raining like crazy here, I could just take a shower outside it's coming down so hard!

Oh, Margene! What a GREAT laughing Buddha! He will be such a delight on your patio -- through ALL kinds of weather. ;-) Sorry about the water . . . but so glad you're enjoying water aerobics. XO

I like him! He looks like Hotei. And he is showing you how to blow off the water issue. But then he hasn't been in a pool!

He sure does look like a wonderful presence. And his smile certainly is telling you something! :-)

What a great attitude, Margene. You had several roadblocks, but some good things happen this day as well. Such is life. Remind me of that next time I go off the deep end, will ya? I like your new companion, very much. I need one just like it.

Sometimes, the unexpected is most pleasant!

Best laid plans "gang aft agley..." and other bon mots. Seems like Tuesday was this week's the water's all back on...

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