November 21 - Tuesday
November 23 - Grateful Day

November 22 - Eve

Because you might be curious, by late afternoon yesterday our water was turned back on. A major repair will happen next week. Yes, again.


First things this morning I headed to the hospital for MRI.  Getting the MRI had taken a series of phone calls before the MRI department accepted the fact that the doctor wanted me to have an MRI. Everyone got on the same page, and now, it is done. The view of early sun on the Oquirrh mountains from the hospital parking lot made the trip worthwhile. 


As soon as I arrived home I decided to kick up the spirit of the season. My contribution to dinner tomorrow will be an appetizer, one I have never made, but it sounded too good not to try. I wrapped the sweet potatoes, got them in the oven to bake and will  make Sweet Potato Hummus this afternoon. This dish could be a hit or a miss. I'll keep you posted.


Next, I hung a new wreath on the front door. It is sparkly and looks like something from a Midsummer Night's Dream. I confess to being totally enchanted. I've opened the door a couple of times to check its lovely silveriness. How I wish my camera caught that sparkle.


I also hung a new wreath on the back gate. The swirling needles take up the whole of the width and, as I walk into the patio, I'll need to dodge the longish twigs of the outer edge. But, this wreath also sparkles with a festive sprit and I'm enjoying the happy feelings I get at the beginning of the season. 

The big box of lights, and other assorted Christmas decorations, has been pulled from the closet and I'll do what I can the next couple of days to make our home festive and bright. The lights are the most important thing, as the nights are so over long. Our days continue to be warm (65!) and clear (although, it may get a little hazy). As soon as the potatoes are out of the oven I'll be walking the trail, my knee in a brace, but walk it I must. The sun is too precious. 

May your day of prep be joyous and may it flow smoothly! Happy T-day Eve!!


What gorgeous wreaths!!! That sparkly one looks just stunning on your door! (I'd be taking a peek every chance I got. . . ) Your appetizer sounds great -- and I hope you'll share the recipe if you end up liking it. Here's to a lovely Thanksgiving Eve -- and a wonderful day with friends tomorrow. XO

I'm glad the MRI is out of the way and you can get to the good stuff! Both of your wreaths are indeed beautiful, and I love that you're enjoying their beauty so much, as others will also. The sparkly silver one was made for your front door! Happy Thanksgiving Eve and wishing you a restorative walk and a lovely day tomorrow!

Now that the MRI is over hopefully you can get your knee fixed up! I love both of your wreaths and I couldn't agree more about the lights.

I hope that your walk was warm and restorative Margene. And I love those wreaths too!

Water is good news, as is the MRI being done. Now I'm following the sweet potato hummus link...

Sounds like you are having a productive week. The wreath on your front door is perfect contrast, light against dark. It's gorgeous! I have heard only good things about sweet potato hummus, but please do give us a review after tomorrow. I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

I love those wreaths— anything to bring in green and sparkle sounds just right.
Sweet potato hummus sounds delicious, I hope it is !

Beautiful wreaths! I love that you keep opening the door to look. ;) I hope all goes smoothly with the knee situation, and that the MRI provides some answers!

What a lovely update, Margene - those wreaths are getting me excited about decorating ... which almost never happens this early! and I think your sweet potato hummus is going to be delicious (a friend shared a recipe for black bean chocolate hummus that is sweet and tasty - I need to try it myself ... if it's good, I'll share the recipe!) Happy Thanksgiving!

Glad you finally got the MRI taken care of. Now to getting the knee fixed!

Nice weaths! I am excited to get some Christmas things out too! Because, yes, those lights are so important this time of the year!

I love sweet potato almost anything so I'll be interested in your review of the hummus. The wreaths are lovely and remind me that I need to pull our holiday decorations out...too soon Christmas!

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