November 1 - Will She or Won't She?
November 3 - Reading in the Park

November 2 - Tiptoeing In


 1. Our autumn has been long, glorious, and luxurious, just as autumns should be. The leaves have been showy, vibrant, and languorously lovely. The trees had the benefit of a wet June, which, despite the hottest summer on record, brought the colors into their most vivid colors.  

2. September and October have been dry, no snow, no rain, no damage to the trees or the leaves. Blue skies have been the perfect complement to the reds, golds, oranges. I don't think there has been a more beautiful autumn in the last dozen years.


3. I've been walking through Red Butte Gardens, through our neighborhood, and through our city park, Murray Park. I lived near this park during my high school years, I still do, and I've enjoyed rediscovering it, noting some of the excellent changes made over the years. Recently I found a little treasure in the park, which I think I'll save that for another day. 

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn! Ours is disappointing, with some gold, but no reds, oranges, and definitely no mountains in NJ. Enjoy!

I'm so glad you're enjoying such a lovely, lingering fall, Margene! You must be thrilled to have the time to take in your beautiful surroundings. XO

These pictures are glorious, Margene, and your composition is very nice! We have not had a colorful fall. It was dry here, and the leaves are just turning brown and falling. A few poplars are colorful, but they are few and far between. It has also not been cold enough consistently for the leaves to turn. So, all that to say, boy are you lucky this year. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They really are special.

Oh, Margene - your autumn is singing in those photos! Our colors this year have not been so spectacular, so thank you for sharing!!

Oh my goodness, your photos are fabulous!! The colors are gorgeous -- not the least of which is that beautiful Utah sky. ;)

You live in a beautiful part of our country, dear one!

Lovely! Our fall was really weird - it was strangely warm, so only a few trees changed. Then it got abruptly cold (normal) and very very very windy - and within days we went from mostly green leaves to no leaves at all.

What wonderful views you have each day! Someday I will see them up close!

You live in such a beautiful area! Lovely that Fall has been as it should be this year. Beautiful pictures.

What a great a showy autumn is in the Rocky Mountain area. The leaves are finally falling and we are crossing our fingers that they will fall before any serious snow. Enjoy the fall!

Simply beautiful, Margene - I love seeing those vibrant colors against the bluest blue skies!

So beautiful!

The sky! The Sky! Perfect background for those stunning autumn colors. Mesmerizing!

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