November 18 - A Week of Sky
November 20 - Maybe Monday

November 19 - One More Sky


That was it. One storm, a foot of snow in the mountains and about an inch of rain in the valley. Then, poof, the sky was clear and the storm gone. Yesterday was cold, but the sun warmed the air and with a warm coat, a scarf wrapped round my neck and mitts on my figures, I was able to take a walk in the sun.


I walked our new trail, even had a few surprises along the way. The trail is on a 6' rise which puts above the fence line of most houses. A person walking by can easily see into yards that abut the trail.  It's a little disconcerting to come around a corner and see a couple sitting in a hot tub on their deck, steaming in the cold air. One does not wish to be a peeping Tom, but the yards are small and there are times you just can't help but see. When I passed by on my return, I was happy to see they had a privacy curtain around their space. They may well need it at all times. The canal and trail have always been there, but it wasn't well known and only, infrequently, use by people in the neighborhood. As word spreads, the trail will become better known and use will increase. I know I'll be walking it often. 


That is a stunning photo! There is one place on the trail that I walk that comes within a few feet of people's backyards, and I used to feel like I was intruding on their privacy, but now I just wave and smile.

You must have given that couple a bit of a surprise too! I'm sure those homeowners won't be very happy about the increased traffic.

Great sky picture, Margene. I guess that is a jet contrail? I watched Arrival last night, and I can't help but be reminded of aliens' landing on top of the mountain. I am not a big fan of the cold temps, but getting out in the sun is worth it!

Wow. That "beacon" photo is amazing! I doubt I'd be happy if my fence wasn't "working" anymore!

Sounds like a great opportunity for people watching!

Your sky is amazing!

Your mountain looks like it sparkles!!! I love that dusting of snow. (And I bet it won't take long before your neighbors adapt to their newly-exposed position. . . ) XO

What a pretty sky atop that snowy mountain! (and I laughed out loud about the people watching opportunities on your walk :-)

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