November 17 - Awaiting Winter
November 19 - One More Sky

November 18 - A Week of Sky

November 5th

November, the month when evening light disappears rather quickly, as turned out to bring us some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Everyday the sky has been brilliant, the days warm and not very winter-like.  


Monday afternoon, about 4:00, Smith and I were in the garden (it was 60+!)n. The clouds had played with formations all day long and just before sunset they put on a show. 


This is what happened an hour later when the sun hit the clouds and lit them from below. The trees have lost all their leaves and their bones are bare unto the sky. What a sight the clouds and sun create together as they color the sky.


Tuesday's sky was clear, nearly cloudless, although the air was a bit chillier. I walked the trails of Wheeler Farm and thought how nice it will be when I can walk our new pathway and enter the farm from the back side. The trail from our trailhead will be a bout a mile walk to this vantage point.  


Wednesday's temperatures were back into the 60s and I walked over to the garden where Smith was spending his day off. How can you argue with a day this exceptional in the middle of November? This photo was taken from the far southwest corner of the garden. The clouds were forewarning of a storm.


And then it was Thursday, a day that was about as blustery as one you've ever seen, although it started with an amazing sunrise. High winds one day mean a storm is coming in the next. I could hardly walk along the new trail, as gusts kept buffeting me and stopping forward progress. The dirt field just beyond the horses where the new development will be.  *sob*


We, too, are having blustery weather. It was 73 yesterday! Too warm for November, IMHO, but Mother Nature knows best, I guess. I think we are going to have a big cool down this weekend. I hope your walking means your knee is better. And I hope the new building project is less intrusive than you dread it to be. Lovely pictures!

It's COLD here today and blustery but the sun is shining. I always love seeing your sky photos!

You have the best views of sunrise, sunset, sky, and your mountain (and I hope they can stay that way)!

The weather has been pretty amazing. I was even glad to get the rain yesterday, since it was so badly needed by all of the plants.

Stunning, Margene! And, I love this sentence: The trees have lost all their leaves and their bones are bare unto the sky.

Every time I view your photos of Utah's sky, I am reminded that, once upon a time, I almost moved to Utah! I doubt I'd have gotten any work done for looking at the sky. These photos are amazing, as all are. Thanks!

Gorgeous skies and I'm sorry about that new development going in. Hugs. <3

Just beautiful, Margene! Your view always provides a bit of drama. That remarkable sky . . . Sigh. Lovely. XO

Love your views, Margene! the clouds, the bare trees, the colors!

I do love the bare trees. And what AsKatKnits said.

Always, always love your views!

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