November 16 - 3TT
November 18 - A Week of Sky

November 17 - Awaiting Winter


Our condo manager is doing his best to keep ahead of winter, but I think he may have jumped the gun. At least we know he's prepared for anything. Today it is pouring rain, but the weather people predict only an inch or two in the valley. Here's hoping we have snow covered mountains! 


Wednesday, I sat my whiny self down and faced my knitting problems. As it turns out (as it usual does), the problems were not as insurmountable as I'd pictured. There is no try, there is only do. I did. In a trice, my shawl was back on track and, Brickyard, while it took a little longer, is now moving forward, too.  I am still enticed by my AC T-shirt and may finish stitching round the leaves this weekend. Patience, my friends, I'll tell you more next week. 


Yippee! So glad your knitting is back on track. I feel like I need to assess my entire knitting situation! We are firmly in November, in terms of the weather. Thirties are the norm and there's a hint of snow tomorrow...

I do hope you begin to accumulate some snow pack, at least in the mountains. And all those lovely shades of maroon in your sewing and knitting! I'm glad you have surmounted the difficulties and have so many gorgeous projects to work on - enjoy the process!

D.C. was supposed to have rain all day tomorrow, which was unfortunate, since I was planning a bike ride to a library, but now it looks like precipitation will hold off until after dark, by which time I should be home or, at least, off the bike.

Keeping my fingers crossed for snowy mountains. There was a little snow in Pennsylvania last weekend (so they opened the mountain for those willing to hike) and Vermont has full snow coverage for its World Cup races next weekend.

Nice job Margene! (That patience thing huh?) I'm soooo loving your colors there!

It feels good to have your knitting back on track, doesn't it? I just hate it when there are . . . issues . . . hanging over me like a cloud. :-) I notice our plow service placed driveway markers today, getting ready for snow. It's coming, I'm sure. . . eventually.

Doesn't that feel so good! And, bravo for you!

See? Told ya! It's also not lost on me that the plow, sidewalk edge and both knitting WIPS are pretty much the same hue colorwise. :-) Fingers crossed your mountains get some much needed snow.

I am glad you are back on track and your shawl is gorgeous :) :)

Good for you! I find the anticipation of doing some things is much worse than the doing. I love the Yoda quote; I will have to remember to say that to myself this weekend. I have a boo-boo in my knitting that has stalled me as well. Thanks for being a good example! Your Brickyard is just glorious.

Nice. You always do. And that quote is an excellent reminder to tackle life.

It's a great feeling when the knitting gets back on track. Here's wish you snow!

Somedays just "be's that way" and then, a new day dawns, a renewed approach and voila! Success! The shawl's color is winterish. Knit on!

oh yay for getting your knitting back on track! (that snow plow made me smile - it's hard to be believe he's going to need that ... soon!)

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