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November 15 - Plugging Along

November 14 - Love Monday

Smith had yesterday off and since I have everyday off, we made the most of it. You gotta love a guy who decides the best way to start the week is by cooking for you. 


This isn't the best picture of potato pancakes ever, but when Smith decides that latkes are the best way to use the last of our homegrown potatoes, you know it's going to be a grand day. We rarely bake so there wasn't a drop of baking powder in the house. The pancakes were flatter than a pancake, but tasty nonetheless. 


The day was warm and beautiful, the perfect kind of weather to enjoy the out of doors. Smith loves spending time in the garden where there is always work to be done. He and a friend cleaned up the garden of someone who has had some trouble. They removed old crops and vines, then tilled compost into the ground. Smith had a great time and loved helping someone out. The recipient was very happy her garden will be ready for next year. That's a win-win. 


Last night we went to our first JazzSLC concert of the season and enjoyed a fantastic show. Cecile McLorin Salvant has a voice she plays like an instrument, a full range of song and sound, mind blowing sometime, excellent all the time. This reduction of Nobody will give you an idea. We loved the show! 

Monday turned out to be perfect way to start a week.


Baking powder in latkes? ::confused::

"The pancakes were flatter than a pancake" may be the best thing I've read today! I can't resist a photo of a strong man digging in the garden, especially if he's doing a good deed.

Oh my, Cecile is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful treat to hear her in person it must have been!

Mondays are great - when you are retired!

Cecile *is* fantastic and new to us...our jazz concert last Thurs was a real bust...we left early! And best forgotten! Such a wonderful way to begin the week...thanks for sharing and have many more wonderful days this -and every-week.

It was really nice of Smith and his fellow gardener to take care of the woman's plot for her (and especially nice she'll be able to use it again next year).

C├ęcile has a beautiful voice. I can see (or, rather, hear) how she's won so many awards! Thank you for sharing her with us!

Latkes are good with or without baking powder!

That does sound like a great way to start the week! Monday deserves a rave review every now and then, doesn't it?!

I bet Smith wishes he was home every day too :) Looks like you had a fun day together!

Oh, a man that cooks for his lady is irresistable! And this man knows what he is doing, so even better. It sounds, literally, that you had a great day. And Smith worked in a good deed in the middle of all that? He is an industrious fellow, and a very nice one.

Potato pancakes could be one of my most favorite foods ever! (And unfortunately I'm not particularly good at making them.) What a beautiful day you had...oh to have spent it outside!

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