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November 13 - Nailed


By popular demand, my easy care manicure. Color chips away, gel may last longer, but I don't want to be beholden to the salon on a regular bases. I also find color on my nails distracting and foreign. I like my nails short, trimmed just so, and buffed to a shine. Simple. (Frankly, I'm not sure how I got that cut on my index finger, but that's not unusual.) It's a good thing you all wanted to know because this is all I've got today. 


This is definitely my perfect manicure as well. When I was young, I regretted my inability to keep my hands looking beautiful at all times, then I learned the value of knowing that my hands are working hands, tools for living my life, and I let all that go. However, I rarely get a manicure, and you may just have inspired me to get my claws groomed.

Your nails look just how I'd like mine to look - short,trimmed, buffed, and no hangnails. I do my own at home, but a real manicure might be worthwhile if mine could look like that!

Perfect! I wish mine looked as nice!

I'm a painted, salon booked, manicured lady. I've been painting my nails regularly since I was about 14 and been paying since I was about 50! :-)

I have rough garden hands and rarely have my nails done except for very special occasions when I need to look "polished" and not farm girl-esque. Lol.

Happy to oblige a quick and easy Monday post! and gah, you've got me thinking I really need to do something about my nails, too.

Do you still get these done by a manicurist or do you do it yourself?

I love the au natural look, but I find I pick at my cuticles mercilessly unless there's something on them. I do try to give them a break in the winter, but when I've picked them to death, I head to the salon! All the work with silk and yarn fibers doesn't help!

They look great - nice and even and gleaming! I get a gel manicure every few weeks but I keep them pretty short or they get in the way!

My nails really need a treatment. I'm toying with gong tomorrow for a manicure...

Me too! I love a fun pedi, but my hands work much harder than my feet and it isn't long before polish of any kind looks awful. Plus time... I'm the same way with my hair! Cut & style* and get me outta there!!

*and sometimes I'm, like, "do you HAVE to?"

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