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November 11 - At the Park


Thursday, my day of no obligations or plans, turned out to be gloriously warm, with clear blue skies and gentle breezes, the kind of day that one must take advantage of this time of year. After my much deserved manicure, I decided to head to the park, walk the trails and enjoy the rays of sun. I checked the Free Little Library and found all the books I'd left behind were gone and many new books had been added. Hurray! for readers everywhere. 


Hurray for books in the wild! What color mani?

All good things! A manicure, a warm and sunny day, a beautiful view, a knee that hopefully felt good enough for a walk, and books dispersed. I second the hurray!

Hurray indeed! (and ditto Claudia's question - please share!)

A day of no obligations is a great way to look at an open day! How nice that you got such a beautiful day to enjoy!

Beautiful image! And, I am cheering your little library! And, ditto on the mani!

Isn't it a great feeling to pass books along to others? I am jealous of your manicure. I desperately need to do that to my "claws". It looks like it truly was a beautiful day. I hope you enjoyed it to the max!

don't you wonder who took your books? Did they enjoy them? I like that you have one day with nothing planned. My days are filled with with babysitting and/or exercising, but I'm okay with that.

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