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Since I've retired a few things about my crafting time and place have changed. We bought new furniture, the lighting changed, and the number of projects begging for time grew. I worried about not being able to fill a day with meaningful tasks, ideas, and goals, but that has proved to be a silly worry. There has been no problem filling the hours of the day. I don't know when I had time to work, which is not something I thought I would ever say. I LOVE being retired.

Back to the subject at hand. I've taken over one end of the new couch where I can spread out my projects and all can be within view. I bought a new light with multiple bulbs, which lights the room to varied degrees based on need, and I've given myself permission to sew, knit, and/or read based on my desire. Sometimes I do both as I listen to so many books. I've got 2 projects on the needles, plus an Alabama Chanin T in progress. You may have noticed they are all in the same color family. Truly, I'm not sure why I get myself into such ruts, but I need to shake up my world of color. 

Today is Unraveled day with Kat and gang. Head on over and see what everyone else is doing, too. 


No need to worry over a color rut --- when it's such a PERFECT color for you, Margene! Lovely projects! And it sounds like you're having a lovely retirement as well. XOXO

I also think it's a lovely color! Everyone that I know that has retired has also said they wonder how they had time to work, and I'm so happy you have given yourself permission to fulfill your crafting desires. I'm counting the days (really, years) until it's my turn!

I'd love to sit on the other end of the couch and knit along with you. I'm so glad you are loving retirement, I had a feeling you would!

I'm glad to hear retirement is agreeing with you! I love your color choice.

That all sounds positively lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying retirement so much.

I love reading that you have taken over a corner of the couch! (Steve would love it if I only had a corner - me, I have taken up a generous half!) And, I felt to I was in a color rut, so my new color rut is rust... LOL And, here's to NaBloPoMo! XO

I love it and cannot wait to see you Sunday (finally) much to tell - I may be joining you in the retirement area

Goo d Morning Margene!Is that a Brickyard I spy? I had one going in pretty much the same color but I bailed...too much thinking for now. I'm in a grey rut myself. So glad you're retirement is going fabulously!

Your not you're (eyeroll...)

You are making this retirement thing sound really good. :)

Nothing wrong with a color rut.

❤️ splendid! And the color is perfect.

That is a beautiful color! I'm retired, busy with many good things, and happier than I have ever been...wishing the same for you!

I've found I usually have a color I'm drawn to for a while. Generally about a year. So it seems all my yarn purchases, clothes purchases, knitted projects, purses, etc. all seem to have that color prominently in whatever. I don't consider it a rut, but rather that's the color "in fashion" in my head. LOL

sounds like you are sinking into retirement easily and I love you captured a corner of the couch :)

I know exactly how you feel about being in retirement...I love everyday and I've been "retired" since 2010. Do enjoy your new couch and I love your "color rut." I have Mary Oliver's new book on my list to get...


There were a few years after Maddy was born that I was a "stay-at-home-mom" and I often wondered how in the world I ever had time to work!! I do not understand people who are "bored" when they are retired... and I'm so happy that you're not one of them! That's a GORGEOUS color that you're infusing into your wardrobe! See you tomorrow?? :)

I have yet to hear anyone say that they don't love being retired. I think you should do whatever you want. And there is nothing wrong with a color rut -- as long as it's a good color!

I've always said that we wear and surround ourselves with the colors that make us smile..and usually look pretty good on us as well. You have surrounded yourself with some pretty lovely things! Retirement looks good on you!

That's a beautiful "rut" to be stuck in.
I'll probably never get to retire but I suspect I'd have o trouble fillig the days anyway. When I have a rare day free of commitments I am almost paralyzed by all the things I want to once.

I would happily have a wardrobe of that gorgeous purple red! I can see why you're so drawn to it, but I wonder if it's hard to see? and do tell about your new lamp. My friends have been raving about Stella, but they're pricey and I'm not sure Marc would love the look in our den... (btw - I'm betting she WILL!)

Its lovely hear people enjoying your retirement, think if you have hobbies before you retire, you will always have something to do, you might be in a colour rut but I love the colours you are using.

Retirement is grand, isn't it? I love that color, so I don't think you are in a rut, well maybe, but it's a great rut! And what is this beautiful garment in progress, Margene?

I'm so glad you're enjoying retirement. That color is very lovely, and you'll find different colors when the time is right. xo

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