November 1 - Will She or Won't She?

As Usually Happens


One thing I consistently lose is track of the time. You will often hear me say on an all to often basis "Where did the time go?!" Crazy! I DO NOT know where September went. It flew by so quickly I could hardly keep up with myself. Another thing I have done consistently is take a daily photo (I hear Mary's voice in my head encouraging me). By way of catching you up I'll give you a quick synopsis of this montage.

~On September 3rd I picked a container of raspberries and we had a few for dessert that night and finished them with breakfast the next morning. Freshly picked raspberries just can't be beat (and we're still picking!)


~On the 4th day of September I finished On the Spice Market! Since the heat spell broke about 10 days ago, I've been wearing it almost daily. It's a beauty and I'm very happy it's done. The colors are vibrant and the pattern interesting and always entertaining. 

~During the heatwave we had days of smokey air as so much of the west was on fire. Oregon and Idaho smoke filled our valley and made the air dangerous to breath. On the good side, the heat made the garden burst with squash, tomatoes, beans and it brought on the corn, too.

~As the sunflowers unfurled and turned their faces to the sun  the pyracantha produced it's vivid orange berries. The bushes aren't as prevalent as when I was a kid (I know why-the thorns are vicious!). When I spot one it brings on childhood memories, reminding me often of the large hedge at my grandmothers house. 


~Before I knew it, here it was near the end of the month and time for our knitter's retreat at Alta! We had a great time and reprised our Korean facial masks (kitty face edition), adding even more participants for the face, hand, and foot spa treatments. Warning: laughing is a major side effect.


~And then, winter arrived! At least at 9,000 feet! Thank goodness the guys who carried our luggage up 64 wooden stairs also volunteered to dig out my car.  I was so happy they were the ones to wrangle 10" of snow off my car.  The snow was confined to Alta Resort with a little more at Snowbird, and the roads were mostly clear as Cheryl and I made our way home. 

~The colors are starting to change in the valley, the days have been a mix of gloomy and gray, sunny and clear. We've had nice evenings in the garden and Smith has been clearing it out and readying the soil for sowing of garlic bulbs, while putting the rest of the garden to bed for the winter. The process will take all month (which will make him happy). 


~My sister Leeann is staying with me off and on as her husband deals with a major health issue. The hospital is very near and she lives a distance away. She is a lovely guest and I am so grateful I have a place for her. Please send your good thoughts and prayers to her and her husband. He is getting stronger everyday and for that we feel blessed. 


Oh wow! Spice Market is amazing - so colorful and beautiful. Love the size of it as well. And what? 10" of snow? Yikes. Though, I'm not surprised (one of my brothers lives in Boulder, so I know the snow comes early...and thankfully, doesn't always last too long). Healing thoughts for your BIL. So nice that your sister can stay with you.

It's no surprise that your September flew by as it was packed full of wonderful things and people. Someday I'm going to come see your incredible garden! I'm happy you have a clear view of your mountain, and hope that your brother-in-law continues to gain strength. Sending loads of good thoughts and prayers to all of you.

Your Spice Market shawl is so beautiful and I hope you enjoy wearing it! Hoping your brother in law continues to heal and gain strength, how nice for your sister to be able to stay with you.

That's a beautiful mosaic of your September! I thought of you all at Alta, I hope to make it back some day for that fun weekend. You can keep the snow, though! I hope Leeann's husband makes a speedy and full recovery.

Your days are filled with wonderful things, Margene! I enjoyed following along with your time at the Alta retreat. I missed being there, and - like Carole - I hope to return again soon (next year???). Your shawl is wonderful. The colors must make you smile every time you wrap it around yourself! Sending good healing juju for Leeann's husband. XOXO

What a great month you had! I loved seeing photos from Alta. I couldn't believe all that snow --
and it was near 90F here that day!! And can I just chime in with Carole & Kym to say "ME TOO!!"

Lots of good wishes for Leann & her husband!

Beautiful shawl! Love, love your color choices. Sending positive healing thoughts to your BIL for a speedy and full recovery.

Best wishes to you BIL. And congratulations on yet another gorgeous shawl!

Your Spice Market is amazing!!! You have had a very full and fun September!!

The month did fly by, but that's what happens when you're retired!

That's a great month! Minus the snow though...just too soon! must allow rookies to attend Alta yes???? :-) Sending warm and healing thoughts to your sister and her husband.

Time does get away from one when so much is happening, and I am glad that much of it has been good stuff. That On the Spice Market is gorgeous, and seems like it will be perfect to wrap up in whether you need the warming of the wool hug, or the brightening of your day with those colors!

I will certainly send my thoughts and prayers for you and yours during this challenging time. xo

I loved this post. So Margene. You gave us knitting, fun, shawl, snow, and your heart.

gorgeous shawl and I hope your bro in law gets better!

I remember just a short time ago about you worrying that you would not have enough to do! It's amazing, isn't it? When you have your days to yourself, you can fill them up quickly. I'm glad you have been having such a good time, and I send all my very best to your sister and her husband. That is a beautiful shawl, Margene!

What a great potpourri of fun, beautiful knitting, and challenging weather!

Oh this makes my heart sing! I'm so glad you're enjoying the daily photo and the Collect app! What a difference a month makes in the weather - I couldn't believe the snow coming so soon after that fresh corn/tomato dinner and yay for having a lovely new shawl to keep you warm. I'm sure your sister is enjoying your company ... sending good thoughts her husband makes a strong recovery.

I'm so with you on losing track of time....and I can't seem to do that 1 second video a day for the life of me,. Love your round up, your shawl is gorgeous and inspiring. Wishing all things good for your sister and her husband's health.

I love that tracking time is a problem! That is so perfect! And, your spice market is stunning! I am sending prayers for your sister and her husband!

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