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There is always something fun about serendipitous happenings. Last evening I walked over to the garden because the day was lovely and the end of day promised to be beautiful. I didn't take a bag with me (big mistake) and ended up with an armload of tomatoes to carry home. Oy!  

One of the gardeners who hangs out with Smith was there picking ears of corn from his garden. A big pot of water was starting to boil in the garden's outdoor "kitchen".  He said a few others were gathering for a mini-cookout. He hoped Smith was coming, but alas, Smith was working late. He said I should stay. So, I did. First, I ran home to cut up my tomatoes and grab a coat (it was chilly). 


Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab much more, but Alan had a knife, paper plates, a pat of butter, and I had salt and pepper in my car (don't ask). Only four of us were there to indulge in the delightful feast of freshly picked corn on the cob (the best ever), and sliced tomatoes. No forks, no napkins--only the essentials of friends and good food. We cleaned up our mini-feast just as the sun started to set.


The cold and clouds of last evening were a portend of things to come, as this morning we're having a rainstorm like we haven't had all summer. I predict we'll be seeing snow on the mountain peaks from this one! 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Good-bye August!

UnnamedWhen Mary learned I did not take photos every day, she was a little surprised. She had a little talk with me and I told her I would work on being more consistent. Then, my phone died and I ended up replacing it with an iPhone. Collecting daily pictures became easier when Mary told me about an app  she used to "Collect" her daily photos into calendar form (which was not available for Android). The app made taking photos more fun and it keeps me focused, as I don't want  miss a day. Only once did I end up taking a photo late at night when I remembered I hadn't even taken my phone out of my pocket. Thank you for your help, Mary! 


Hello September! 

You have such potential to be a beautiful month and I hope you live up to that potential. On our trip up the canyon we could see the leaves changing to a dull rusty brown. Mountain color will not be your catch phrase. The very hot dry summer has take its toll on fall hues, as our summer was 6 degrees above normal, the hottest summer on record. September, your cooler days and nights will be very welcome.

September, you make being outdoors more enjoyable and your change on the landscape is interesting to watch. I have to say I'm not fond of the waning days, with light disappearing from the evening sky, but your sunsets can be exceptional. The Knitter's Retreat scheduled for your last weekend is something we all look forward to and this year is no exception. But, please, September, take your time, linger, PLEASE. You're a month we all love to celebrate!