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Good-bye August!

UnnamedWhen Mary learned I did not take photos every day, she was a little surprised. She had a little talk with me and I told her I would work on being more consistent. Then, my phone died and I ended up replacing it with an iPhone. Collecting daily pictures became easier when Mary told me about an app  she used to "Collect" her daily photos into calendar form (which was not available for Android). The app made taking photos more fun and it keeps me focused, as I don't want  miss a day. Only once did I end up taking a photo late at night when I remembered I hadn't even taken my phone out of my pocket. Thank you for your help, Mary! 


Hello September! 

You have such potential to be a beautiful month and I hope you live up to that potential. On our trip up the canyon we could see the leaves changing to a dull rusty brown. Mountain color will not be your catch phrase. The very hot dry summer has take its toll on fall hues, as our summer was 6 degrees above normal, the hottest summer on record. September, your cooler days and nights will be very welcome.

September, you make being outdoors more enjoyable and your change on the landscape is interesting to watch. I have to say I'm not fond of the waning days, with light disappearing from the evening sky, but your sunsets can be exceptional. The Knitter's Retreat scheduled for your last weekend is something we all look forward to and this year is no exception. But, please, September, take your time, linger, PLEASE. You're a month we all love to celebrate! 


Knitting retreat sounds awesome! September is always unpredictable (that said, it seems in the past few years mostly an extension of summer).

Mary is indeed an enabler, but in a good way! I'm glad she encouraged you to take more photos as I have always loved your photos of your mountain, knitting, and Silver Lake. Please keep collecting and sharing. I LOVE that red-orange sunflower!

I'm so happy that you finally have an iPhone!!! I love your mosaic and look forward to more, once you get in the habit it's pretty easy to keep it up.

Hm. Why doesn't Android have an easy hand app for that??? I shall have to investigate further. I've been enjoying the 1 Second Everyday video (mostly) app, tho. Happy September Margene!

Beautiful! My phone died too, and I've not yet made good friends with its new (and awesome) camera. Looking forward to seeing more pix from you. xoxo

If that flower photo is any indication, you are an amazing photographer!
I'd enjoy September more if I were retired!

Beautiful photos! Yes, linger longer please! has been my mantra for summer. Not ready to relinquish it and yet the temps are telling me otherwise. I love my iPhone in the garden! ❤️

Oh yes! Love the daily photos and I'm so glad the app (and your new phone) are making it inspiring and fun. I'd love for September to linger .... especially if the temperatures cool off.

Gorgeous photo!!

Meanwhile, we had a weirdly cool and wet August - it's so green out, you'd think it was spring.

Well, hello, Margene! Good to see you. I haven't been checking in on your blog much because I thought you would be too busy to post. It seems you have learned to manage retirement very well. Ain't it grand? It is so nice to have time to do some of what you like. What's amazing is that how quickly your days fill up with things to do. I hope you are having a wonderful time! I loved the moose encounters story, your shawl, and all the other things you have recently posted. You look so happy in the pictures. Blessings!

I'm just catching up on blogs after barely reading any all simmer (hangs head in shame)--enjoy your new phone! I just had to upgrade thanks to a mishap, and it blows me away how excellent the camera is , with a bit of editing in phone, it is truly amazing.
Enjoy the month! I am struggling with the season change, but we have no choice. Glad there's knitting to cheer me up as well as warm me up.

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