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On Monday

Nothing is Better


Few things are better than having time to do as one wishes and I am learning there is nothing wrong with sitting to knit and/or read for awhile. I have a favorite spot on the couch and I hunker in with pillows at my back and a pile of knitting at my feet. Of course I have a pile of  books and periodicals at my side and often a book in my ear.  I spent an hour or two indulging my love of the word and the feel of yarn flowing through my fingers.

As it turns out I've hit my first Bingo and should have another before the end of the week. After that I expect to move to the bottom of the page and work on getting a third Bingo before the month is over. In a perfect world, I'd make the fourth Bingo, but I don't think I'll be able to read the whole row (with the Magpie Murders at the center) before Labor Day weekend ends. I will not, however, give up hope!

The project is On the Spice Market, which I though I'd be knitting forever, but as it turns out, I'm nearing the end of the color spot rows and will soon start the sequence of end stripes. This shawl gone much faster than I thought it would. Since my knitting is usually just about the process, I don't remember much about a project if all goes well, I only remember if things go badly. I've had a few bumps and a few rows unraveled, but over all the knitting of OtSM has gone well. 

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I'm so glad you are allowing yourself time to just BE and do what feels right in the moment. Enjoy your knitting and reading. I am a wee bit jealous.

Your shawl is lovely! I'm a little jealous of your knitting/reading time. I work a Crazy, 14+ hours, six days a week summer job that I absolutely love although it's exhausting and there is barely time to brush my teeth, much less knit or read. Only five more weeks to go & I'll be able to knit 24/7 for several months.

So glad you've been given the gifts of time and freedom, and know how to use them well! If you move Magpie Murders to the "story within a story" square (which it definitely is), you could maybe get another bingo in the second column after your reread of All the Pretty Horses. But bingo or not, savor your love of the word!

Love your shawl. I'm intrigued with that pattern and may need to check it out. What a luxury to have the time to do what you want! I am so ready for retirement...but not yet......

My Dad said that the few months of retirement were an adjustment and realizing you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to be somewhere. Enjoy it!

I love the colors of your shawl! I'd love to get even one Bingo, but not sure it's the cards (or books!)... it's never really about that for me, I guess; I love the opportunity to really think about and stretch my reading chops. Love that you're taking advantage of every minute to do as you wish!! ;)

I do wonder about the people that find themselves bored in retirement. I can't even fathom. I can't wait to see your finished OtSM...I've long admired that design and I've no doubt that you've got a beauty there!

Your new routine sounds lovely! Enjoy

Looks like it's going to be another lovely shawl. :)

you are looking mighty comfy in your retirement. You deserve it!!

I can't even imagine being retired, but your version of retirement sounds absolutely delicious~

LOVE the shawl! The colors are divine! My reading is coming along . . . just got a couple of Bingos, but I certainly won't make a full cover this year. :-) Happy reading, Margene! With a good amount of knitting for fun. XO

Your upcoming books looks wonderful (To the Bright Edge of the World was one of my favorites of the year) - as does that shawl. I love the look of all those colors, but ... all those ends! (that's a part of the process I never enjoy ;-)

This post... sigh! So much good in here! And, I love your On Spice Market!

This sounds like retirement recommendation.

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