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Last February (I think it was), I took my first stitches on this eternally long project. Spice Market has been a little more than I bargained for, but I have been slowly moving forward. There were times I thought On the Spice Market not to my fancy, but as I worked I grew more fond of her colors, patterns, and overall design. As she nears the end of the line, we have made friends and I expect we'll have a very happy winter together. 


On the reading front I've been doing quite well in the Bingo department. Over the next week I should have my fourth Bingo. Only a few of the books I read were out of my comfort zone, or not to my liking. I know what I like and what I can get through and, while I didn't pick books just to get a Bingo, I read what I liked and found places for them.  


I've listed favorites at the bottom of my page. I would also add the last book I read, All the Pretty Horses to that list. The plan is to read Pride and Prejudice in order to finish up my card. Four Bingos will do it for me, which is more than I thought I'd have in the end. No "Coverall" for me and I'm good with that. 


I made a trip to my favorite local book seller and picked up a small stack of books for future reading. (In the foreground you can see a few postcards that arrived that same day.)  I've started Celine (the green cover) and I'm hook on the story and the character.  

I don't read as much as I thought I would (winter will change that-methinks) nor do I knit as much as I'd like. Life has a way of keeping one busy and the calendar I thought would be empty day after day has not proved so. As I said yesterday, I am very grateful life can be this way. 


Your On Spice Market is gorgeous! I really like your color choices! And, I hope that your "shawl" weather is a long way off! And, bravo to you on your reading! You read some books that are on my "want to read" list!

Your Spice Market is really beautiful and I'm glad you've persisted. As some wise person once said, "It's the process." Celine was an interesting read - both the character and the book. What a treat to have such a well-stocked local book store!

Yes, great colors.
As for time, my mom used to say after she retired "how did I ever find time to work?" and I thought that was odd. Now I am retired and I know what she meant. But yes, aren't we lucky to have that life? Enjoy yourself!

I think your Spice Market is beautiful, I love that combination of colors. And hooray for full days. I know what you mean, though, about not having enough time for knitting and reading but I do think it's a fine weather problem and it will change come winter.

love the colors of your spice market! what a great name for a pattern.

When I glimpsed the first photo, I thought maybe you'd finished Spice Market! But it was just a tease. Things will settle down a little bit as you get used to the new routine and take care of a few things, but yes, it's amazing how things fill every moment of spare time.

Your Spice Market is beautiful! It looks like you have read some wonderful books and have some good ones to look forward to !

That shawl is going to be nice... BIG!!?? Lab Girl is still one of my favorites. I'm not sure I'll get a single BINGO this summer! And I'm okay with that, too. Life is full & busy & fun. :)

What a stunning potpourri of knitting and reading!

Your Spice Market is just so pretty! (I still have hopes...maybe during my retirement!) And thank you for bringing Celine to my attention...Dog Stars may be my most favorite listen ever. Man did I miss Hig when I was done. Enjoy the beautiful days!

Spice Market is wonderful...love the name and the yarns; looking forward to seeing the finished piece on you! And congrats on your Book Bingo - love the multicolor squares.
Yes, retirement seems to do that to one...we have way more options than we anticipated...

As do others, I love the colors of your shawl. :)

Do you have anything in mind for Epistolary?

Almost Like Being in Love is really good:

Wowee on the Spice Market! It's stunning!

I'm off to find Celine on Goodreads!

I, too, love the colors of your shawl. I can't wait to see the finished project!
Melanie Berg is one of my favorite designers, and I've been eyeing that pattern for a while. I may just copy your colors!
Those multi-skein shawls do take FOREVER, but they are totally worth it. I'm in the middle of one myself, and I feel like I've been knitting it since birth.

I knew you'd be great at retirement. :)

Your shawl is going to be stunning!!! You make retirement sound wonderful!!

Oh, that shawl! Margene! I just love it! The colors will make you happy through the cold, dark days of winter. Retirement . . . it's BUSY, isn't it? ;-) Now that I'm not working, I wonder how I ever had time to WORK!!! I love your Bingo-attitude (your bingo; your rules). I share your reading philosophy (but, then . . . you already know that). XO

Gorgeous shawl! I can't wait to see the finished reveal!

I'm surprised with the sorts of books you read that you haven't crossed the Bechdel Test off. Or were all of your fiction reads covering other squares? (I have at least one square I haven't yet crossed off that I'd be able to check off if you could use a book in multiple categories.)

I now love To the Bright Edge of the World even more ... and Lab Girl and LaRose were also favorites from my summer bingo card. I am well into my 8th year of retirement and still find myself wondering where all that "free" time has gone - it's a nice problem to have, for sure! Can't wait to see your Spice Market finished; I'm glad y'all have made friends because she's gonna be gorgeous on you!

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