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On Monday

Like so many of you, yesterday, I too had the experience of finding crescents every where. 

We ended up having an impromptu eclipse party with our neighbors who share the same drive way. One person had glasses, we had a colander and a box with a pinhole. Then I noticed the crescents and we all became fascinated. The sun was 92% blocked here in Salt Lake and we could tell the light was softening, the temperature dropping (3 degrees). We talked and laughed and shared until the sunlight had almost fully returned.


Smith and I decided to head to our favorite spot for lunch. We had just ordered and found a seat (boy, it was crowded!) when Susan and Barry walked in! The serendipitous meeting was all the more exciting as it was it was Susan's birthday! Smith decided we had to all be outside and he horned his way into table on the patio. We sat in the shade and chatted far longer than intended before we said goodbye. 


Later in the evening, as the day started to cool down, we worked in the garden. Many other gardeners were there and we talked as we watered, comparing zucchinis, and assessing the how beautiful all the gardens looked this year. As Smith and I walked around the garden I learned we actually had peaches this year! They're a week away from perfection and they are a complete surprise to me. I thought all fruit was lost in our last freeze on May 7th. 


Don't tell anyone as I want to make sure I get a couple just at their ripest juiciness! Aren't they beautiful? 

We enjoyed this perfect day together as Smith had the day off. Everyday my heart is near to bursting with gratitude as I can use my time as I see fit (most of the time). Life truly is fabulous and fun. 



What a truly wonderful day you had and shared with us! Those crescent shadows were fascinating and the garden and peaches are absolutely beautiful. I would love to weed and chat with you in that lovely setting. Life is fabulous and fun and I'm glad you're enjoying retirement! :-)

Oh, Margene! What a perfect day! Those peaches look just divine. . . So glad you're enjoying your FREE time!!! Life IS fabulous and fun. XO

I was also fascinated with those crescent shadows! It was the most incredible surprise that all of nature reveled in the eclipse! And, wow - those peaches are gorgeous! I am with Bonny and Kym - your free time is fabulous!

Amazing peaches, and an amazing day. Need i tell you that I was inside all Monday, and didn't see the eclipse? (But of course you don't need the perspective, since you know how wonderful time is.)

We were at the beach so we didn't see the shadows but we did use our pinhole boxes to see the eclipse and it was cool. Your days sound full and wonderful!

Peaches!! How wonderful! I was at work during the eclipse and there weren't any trees around! One of the things I love hearing about is how people got together -- on rooftops, sidewalks, parking lots -- and shared their "equipment." I was happy to see it just a bit, but mostly via NASA's online coverage. You sound so happy & content. xoxo

It sounds like a wonderful day! And I love your eclipse picture. :)

It was so cloudy here that the pinholes were useless. My neighbors and I hung out on the rooftop deck hopefully, but then a thunderstorm rolled in and we retreated.

What a lovely post! Happy to hear that your heart is so full

What a happy post! I enjoyed watching the eclipse vicariously on Instagram since there was NO sun in Alaska that day ... and those peaches, wow! should I say now that I hope they WERE delicious? ;-)

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