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Celebrating - Still!  When last I posted you knew this was going to happen. My office threw retirement party in my honor. I can't tell you how surprised (and happy) I was. My office friends are people I will never forget and never give up. One of my girlfriends said she had never seen a smile that big and beautiful on my face--ever. I have to admit it was a pretty great day. 


Traveling - The very next Monday I took off for my date with Will! Camille and I saw Guys and Dolls, Midsummer Night's Dream and Shakespeare in Love. I enjoyed and loved every single play, each one excellently played. 


Visiting - My sister, Neena, was kind (and generous) enough to invite us to dinner two nights in a row. She knew eating in Cedar City would be dangerous for a celiac (and she was right). We were treated to delicious duck the first night, and perfectly grilled grass fed beef the next. Her hilarious and kind husband, Don, was also there, but got short shrift in the picture department (he took this one of us). 


Sightseeing - Camille and I took a day and drove up to Cedar Breaks to see the glorious canyon that is so majestic, unique, and impossible to photograph. We were there at the time of the wildflower festival and saw nearly every color of the rainbow represented in flower form. 

 I tried and tried to get a good picture of the canyon, which glowed in the cloudy light. Hoodoos became dimensional, while the canyon's depths felt dizzyingly hypnotic. Like I said, it is nearly impossible to do justice to the canyon's color and perspective with a camera lens.   


Delighted by - TIME! I've been running non-stop since coming back home, that is, until today (yesterday as you read this). Between time in the car (Camille drove the whole trip), and snatches of time here at home, I've been able to finish the long suffering socks. This is my fourth pair of perfectly stripy socks in the last year. I am finished with stripy socks, for now. 

Reading (and listening) - I've finished four books since retiring and have two more in the works. Lab Girl, was the latest and my favorite of the lot. I credit Vicki with my desire to read this book as she gave it 5 stars, which it truly deserved. Hope Jahren's writing on science never got boring or became difficult to understand (for a non-sciency person). This book is a memoir about her life (her very interesting life) and the story is fascinating and packed with emotion. This is a great book to listen to as it's read by the author who isn't afraid to tell of her weaknesses (and strengths) throughout.  


Hanging - Pictures in my bedroom, which have been sitting around since we finished painting the room, about (or over) a year ago. I also hung pictures above my desk and have more pictures yet to go (which is why I stocked up on nails).


Walking - I took a walk around Silver Lake (my first since last summer!) and found many wildflowers still in bloom. I missed the Silver Lake iris, but caught the tail end of the elephant head and bog orchid season. I found a columbine which had color, which was exciting, as I have only ever seen pure white at the lake. I didn't see a moose, but did see a doe and her fawn (too far away to photograph). I expect my trips to Silver Lake will increase as summer's days decrease. I have a chance to enjoy summer before it's over and for that I am very grateful! 


I think the smile on your face is big and beautiful in all of these wonderful photos! It's great to see all that you've been doing since retirement, and that you've also got time to read, knit, walk, and enjoy. I hope the remaining days of summer are all great days for you!

Not only can I see the "retirement glow" on your face in your photographs, but I can hear it in your words! :-) It looks like you're off to a great start with this new chapter of your life. ENJOY! (And I love the color you chose for your bedroom walls. So calming and peaceful.) XOXO

Retirement certainly agrees with you!! The smiles say it all.

I'm glad you enjoyed Lab Girl!

You look so happy! I hope you enjoy each day of your retirement !

The joy in this post is palpable! Congrats and ENJOY!!

Oh, congratulations! What a wonderful beginning to retirement!

You're off to a great start!
Soon you'll be wondering how you ever had time to work.

I hope you'll put that photo of you and Will somewhere to reflect and smile upon too! So much joy and happiness here Margene...woo hoo!!!

So obvious that retirement agrees with you 100% - from your bright, beautiful smile, through your enthusiastic words and gorgeous photos. You've been having FUN!!!

So won't see you so happy. Continue to enjoy your new life

Congrats! I LOVE that first picture of you. :)

Your joy at the delights of retirement is wonderful! I love that you are sharing your days with us and I'm so so happy for you. And yay for 4 books and finished socks, too!

Well hey there! Thank you for sharing that wonderful smile and newsy/photo-y catchup with us. Something tells me you and retirement are going to get along just fine!

So happy that you are so happy!

What a fabulous smile! It made me smile just looking at your picture! Enjoy!

Your smile is absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy that you have the time now to kick back and enjoy retirement. xoxo

you sound HAPPY! yay! I'm glad you are retired and loving life. Sounds like you packed your new found freedom with family friends and outings :)

How on earth did I miss this post!? I watched and waited for it, then I missed it. DOH! I am so happy for you, Margene! I think you will be able to fill your days with joy and discovery. Retirement does not mean life is over, it means life has started a new chapter. Your joy is contagious and comes right off the monitor into my heart. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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