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Three Good Things

The Think Write Thursday topic for  today "is to write about 3 good things that happened this week. We all know that focus on the GOOD is GOOD for us so let's do it!" 

35048349454_2103eaa287_h1.  A while I posted about my newest hobby, Postcrossing. Every few days I receive a postcard from a different Postcrosser somewhere in the world. This week I reached the milestone of 650 cards (coming and going). I have "met" some of the nicest people from hundreds of cities.  In just a few words we share our hopes, dreams, a little about our lives, and the local where we live. The world feels smaller, closer, more connected.


2. Packing (yes, me!) for a trip to Southern Utah. I have a date with Will and company. I'm heading south with Camille and we're going to see Guys and Dolls, Midsummer Night's Dream, and Shakespeare in Love. Since I haven't been to the Festival in years, I'm very excited! 


3. One good thing that's coming up is tomorrow is my LAST DAY AT WORK!! I am sad to leave my work friends, as they are all caring, lovely people. We have worked together for many years, through thick and thin, through change after change, and milestone after milestone. I feel very fortunate to have had them in my life. Every photo in this post is from my office view. I see it in the morning when I'm walking into the building and I'm going to miss it very much!

On to a new adventure!


I thought maybe I would see a post here today! One more day, and a new life adventure begins. I am excited for you, Margene! I hope you tap back into the wonder of being able to set your own agenda and have many new and wonderful adventures. Change is inevitable, and this is a good one!

Those are three excellent things, and I hope you, Camille, and Will have a perfectly wonderful adventure. Seeing photos of your mountain is always a good thing for me!

Your post made me think of my last day at work and how sad it felt to be leaving people I worked with for 35 years. Such great memories mixed in with a few not so great ones too. Enjoy Cedar City - I own a vacation home in Brian Head and have been to see Will and company many times over the years. Have a lovely time.

I know what you mean about leaving friends you worked with, for me, it was like leaving family. Most of those I worked with are now retired and we still keep in touch. I wish you all the best as you move on to new and wonderful things. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

That mountain must have been a great source of joy and wonder every day! How lucky you were to have that view!

I think your trip is the perfect way to start your retirement! You are going to rock this transition, I just know it!

I do think it would be wonderful to live with mountains. That view would definitely help me go to work each day!

I am so excited for you Margene! Have a fantastic trip and enjoy retirement!! Also... that is an awful lot of post cards! Bravo to you for giving the post office something lovely to deliver! XO

Wow, big changes coming soon. I so glad to hear your excitement at what is ahead.

Congratulations again, and have a fantastically dramatic trip! I hope you've groomed your coworkers to keep feeding your jays!

Oh so exciting! It will be a change, but a good one for you. I'm so very happy for you.

What a lovely post--cheers to your retirement!

Fortunately, the view will be there whenever you want it.
Cheers for an exciting new chapter in life!

Congratulations on ONE more day! sounds like your upcoming trip is a great way to celebrate! I look forward to seeing all the new views you find :-)

That's an amazing number of postcards! :O Very cool, tho.

congratulations on your retirement!!! that must be super exciting :)

You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous view from your workplace. But retirement brings a raft of opportunities and the chance to try new things. It does take some adjusting though. Good wishes!

I am pretty sure you'll find and enjoy your new "morning view." Have a wonderful time with Will. :)

Congratulations Margene!!! All the best to you as you take on the next adventure! Have a wonderful time at the festival! Woo Hoo!!!!

Congratulations on your retirement! I'm sure you'll enjoy having more time to knit and garden.

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