Three Good Things

Piled High & Unraveled


This beautiful pile of knitting (3 projects) and sewing (Alabama Chanin T-shirt), plus oodles more great crafting ideas, are awaiting my attention. I have stacks and stacks (shelves and shelves, too) of books to read and explore, plus tons and tons of other things ways I'd rather do than sit in front of a computer screen wishing my life away. Friday is my last day in the office and I hope to have more time to spend attending to my projects and ideas. I'm rather stoked about that!


I'm closing in on a Bingo and might even have one by Friday! I'm nearing the end of Home by Marilynne Robinson, which is the middle book of the Gilead Trilogy. I loved Gilead and Lila, but have not found Home quite as compelling. However, it's still good reading. Maybe if I'd read them as they were published I would have been more receptive, but I don't think Home has as strong a story as the other two. 

Kat has a listing of all the other participants with Unraveled Wednesday posts, so head on over!


Congratulations on your impending freedom to knit/craft!

I've been thinking about you all week as you approach freedom on Friday, and seeing the projects and books, and hearing about all the life awaiting makes me even more excited for you!

I am so excited for you and Friday! (Although, the ladies at knitting who are retired were complaining last night about having less time than before! Although, one admitted her reading has improved dramatically, however her sleep has decreased - she stays up late reading, lol. This is such a great problem to have, especially if you do not have to work in the morning!)

I'm so excited for this new freedom you will have come Friday! And I hope you will blog all about it!

Happy Last Week of Work!! Yay for Retirement (I wish...). Looks like you have so much to enjoy coming up and your Bingo Card is filling fast.

What an interesting card! and I LOVE the different ink colors ... I'm kind of in a basic black phase right now which encourages my penmanship but makes for a boring page ;-) and WOOT for TWO more days (well once today is over)!!!

Here's to more crafty time as Friday approaches..... and retirement a reality! Very excited for you. <3

My book group is reading Gilead--I'm really curious about it!

Congratulations on your last week of work!! 💕💕💕

I am happy for your upcoming freedom -- and a bit envious, too! It looks like you are all ready to plunge into that next phase!

Congratulations on your retirement! How freaking exciting!

Good luck getting through your last two days, and congratulations on such a wonderful event!

Happy Retirement! Knit away!

Happy last day of working eve to you! :)

Enjoy your retirement! I love every minute of mine!

I'm so happy for you, Margene, I could just about burst! I can't wait to see what you do next. xoxo

I adore your pile of knits and by the way - happy retirement!!!

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