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Waterlogged Unraveling


Yesterday was chilly, rainy, dreary, which was bad enough, but a water main leak, added insult to injury. The leak had gone on for some time as the lawn was saturated and our neighbors tiny garden emulated a pond. The management dug a hole to find the pipe and diverted the water away from the houses. A contractor has been called to do the digging and replace the broken pipe. I don't think our home was ever in danger, but the lawn and sidewalk may not be as lucky. The repairs could happen Thursday, maybe Friday, or even into next week. At least the beautiful hostas in my little front door garden will not be troubled. 


My reading is going as slowly as my knitting, but The Essex Serpent is in my ear and (so far) living up to expectations. I've enjoyed getting to know each character, in turn, and find the story entertaining and interesting. The mystery of the serpent has me wishing I had more time to listen. Going even more slowly is my rereading of LaRose. Last year I listened to this book, but reading has a way of taking me more deeply into the story. Roz Reads is a group that comes together to fully explore a book and immersing myself in the book makes the discussion more fulfilling and interesting. I love listening to books, but seeing words on paper can be very powerful.

34483594923_45a36d1da7_kTo end on a bright and colorful note, this past weekend I was able to plant our carport pots with brightly colored petunias. Petunias may not be a favored flower, but I've tried all sorts of pants and nothing holds up in excessive heat of summer (which, so far, hasn't made an appearance) nor to my usual neglect. The petunias are expected to thrive no matter the conditions (that's my expectation, in any case). 

Last week I forgot to link to Kat who is the friend who started this whole Unraveled Wednesday fun.


Digging for repairs is certainly necessary, but always looks so raw (and muddy!). I'm glad you've balanced things out with your beautiful waterlogued petunias. (I feel the same way about politics!)

I love petunias and they are very hardy. You might try dianthus too for variety esp. the dwarf kind; we live in HOT Austin TX and have some plants that have kept blooming through 100 degree summers and 30 degree (occasionally) winters for five years now.

what a bummer about the water leak, so not fun. I hope they fix it sooner than later but I guess you are at the mercy of their schedule. My husband will be planting some vegetables soon and of course some flowers. We are running a little late.

:( about the water leak - why don't those ever happen during a really dry stretch, instead of when it's already very wet out?!

Water leaks are a messy nuisance and I wish I could send you a wee bit of the heat we are having. I think your petunias are a brilliant idea and I love their frilly edged flowers!

So sorry about the water leak. Hope they are able to quickly fix all the damage. Your petunias are lovely. They remind me of my mom - she always had a zillion baskets of them on the porch.

I hope that annoying water leak is fixed fast! Petunias won't let you down but you will have to dead head A LOT. Hooray for summer reading!

I sure hope the repair happens soon (and that the sun comes out!) You and Kym have piqued my interest about the Essex Serpent ... and I do still have that Free Square to fill :-) Finally, I LOVE your petunias. They are hardy and colorful and that's really all the matters for summer flowers (well that, and that the rabbits don't enjoy them too much). Happy Thursday!

I actually love petunias. Great to see them here this morning!

Your hostas look GREAT, Margene! (Although sorry about the water main difficulties. . . ) I'm also listening to The Essex Serpent, and loving it (looks like I'm about at the same point you are, based on your photo). I love petunias! (And I'm especially partial to the pale yellow ones.)

Your petunias are great! I love them. And agree that Dianthus is another kind to try. sorry about the water leak -- hopefully repaired soon.

This is my second year with petunias and I couldn't be happier! I'm determined to dead head the big hanging planter each Saturday morning with coffee and I have a single plant that is a coral color and it is bringing me so much happiness! Your waterlogue is beautiful! TGIF Margene!

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