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For the past year I've had a bit of a thing with stripes. This is my fourth (and final, for now) stripy pair of socks. In started this year long odyssey because I was inspired by Carole's colorful stripy socks, as well as, aided by her pattern Picot Edged Socks. Knitterly Things Vesper Sock yarn is also a big draw, as it create perfectly spaced stripes. I'm taken with the latest offering "Boardwalk Games" but think I need a break from my current run of stripes only sock knitting.

I'm far from a Bingo, but I have finished two books and started two more. Moonshine is a book I recommend to NO ONE! It was too vulgar and strange and I could only make it half way through. It's my Bingo and half way (in my book), with a tale this bad, is a win! I finished Midwinter, but found it a little too spare, even lackluster, but Melrose did a good job of framing the differing avenues grief can take. I'd rate it a 3 1/2. At least I know my next book is a great one!

I've started to reread LaRose, which is Roz Reads choice for June. I am just as brokenhearted the sec0nd time through and enchanted once again by Erdrich's prose and story telling acumen. This is a must read, imo.  I'm also starting another book I've wanted to read for months, The Essex Serpent. I'll keep you posted! A few of the books titles I had written on my card have changed and I expect a few more will over time. This card is a WIP and one that will be tweaked and bent over the course of the summer.

So, what's the last book your read and are you playing along with Summer Bingo?


I'm just about to begin Essex Serpent myself! I've been looking forward to reading it for a long time now, and I hope it lives up to my expectations. :-) Love your stripes! I am eternally charmed by self-striping yarn. (I swear it makes me knit faster. . . ) XO

Those stripes are beautiful and Julia's yarn is always instantly recognizable! I'm reading The Nix (finally!) and listening to Burn Town and I'm enjoying both a lot. And YAY! You blogged two days in a row. I love it!

I'm starting My Name is Lucy Barton today and finished the Shell Seekers yesterday. I took a break from Lincoln on the Bardo to listen to S-Town but will return to it tomorrow is my guess. I'm almost afraid to say...I'm not sure I like it!

Welcome back! And thanks for the book reviews. Between all you bloggers recommending books, I'll be reading for looooong time!

Love your stripes! Yep - I'm a Bingo person. Just finished The Shell Seekers and now am reading Rules of Civility (Amor Towles) as well as Winter's Tales (Isak Dinesen).

Oooh! Essex Serpent! Going on my list! Thank you! I am currently a drift in pre-revolutionary France with dear Marie Antoinette and I am thrilled to be there! It is a fascinating story with moments of humor. A well written book that is equally well narrated!

I see Case Histories is next on your RozReads list. Love all the Jackson Brodie mysteries!!

I am completely in love with self striping yarn - and have my first pair EVER (yep, ever!) on the needles now. I see "ugh" on the About Politics square. I read Bill Bryson's One Summer (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17262366-one-summer) two years back and really enjoyed it. The "politics" of the summer of 1927 were a hot mess! And Jimmy Carter's latest (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25330592-a-full-life) comes highly recommended. It's waiting for me at the library.

I love your stripe socks, The Essex Serpent is on my list to read too, a good friend recommended it to me, I have so far enjoyed all her recommendations so hoping this will be the same.

great stripes!! I just started whiteout that has some striping and love the colors of white and gold together. I'm reading 'the hate u give' and it's really good!

I finished Word by Word and The Lie Tree since last week, but I haven't checked yet to see if either will count toward my Book Bingo card.

Enjoying "The Bookshop on the Corner" on my walks... a pleasant companion and on my Bingo card...
Delighted to read that in just a few days you will be retiring. Congratulations! What a great adventure you have in store! Do ENJOY!
I also enjoyed those bright yellow socks - and all the others- you've shared. Good to read your posts ... glad to see you are back...tho', I must admit I'm way late to the party.

Wow, lots of posts, Margene! I recommend Al Franken's new books about politics. I have not read it, but my husband is reading it, and he says it is very good, with lots of humor at the beginning. It is Al Franken, Giant of the Senate. If you are going to read about politics, you may as well laugh, right? Especially now!

Life is definitely too short to read bad books. :)

My last book read was The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are by Danny Gregory. While I didn't always agree with the author, it was a good book - and it got me thinking and writing about some deeper things.

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