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Last Friday my yarn arrived from The Woolen Rabbit, a beautifully Blush (the lightest color) with the perfect compliment of Sweet Cheeks. So pretty, so lovely! I am ready! For the last four summers I've joined Kirsten's TTL Mystery shawl KAL.  Of all the shawls I've knit, three of my most worn are shawls from Kirsten's TTL Mysteries. I am a user of shawls of all colors, sizes, and styles. Winter's chill is kept off with the extra layer of lace and summer's artificially cool air conditioning about drives me wild. Knitting is a slow process any more and I take a long to finish a project. In between beginnings I forget how wonderful it feels when starting something new, something mysterious, something lacy. Kim's Opal might be my favorite yarn ever.

I am beginning the count down to July 14th. It hadn't crossed my mind to check how many days were left in my worklife, but yesterday Bonny reminded me I had only 23 days to go! How did that happen? I am thrilled! The company can't extend my stay as I'm heading out on a road trip July 17th!  I see knitting, reading, and lots of time with friends (among other things) in my future. Yay, summer! Yay, me! The countdown begins!


Now it's just 22 days and you'll have more time to work on that gorgeous shawl. I love the colors you chose and can see already you are going to have a stunning shawl. Yay you for many reasons!

Yay you, for sure! Oh, the things that you will do! I think you should just see this as a new excellent adventure in your life. It will feel strangely liberating.

YAY is right!!! Lovely colors for your shawl too.

Oh, I love your yarn color! Beautiful!! And, YAY for 23 more days! That is simply AWESOME news! XO

Your shawl colors are beautiful ! Best wishes for the next 23 days and beyond!

The shawl yarn is so beautiful and I can't wait to see how they knit up in that mystery design. Happy retirement in a few days, you will love being in charge of your time.

I agree that Kim's Opal is wonderful and I think the colors you have chosen are spectacular. I'm excited for you and can't wait to see all the joy that retirement brings!

Woot! Counting down! and what a lovely combo you chose for this year's shawl. I started clue 2 this morning and I think this year's pattern might be my favorite yet!

Your colors are wonderful Margene! And I'm an Opal fan too. :-) Counting the days along side you and anticipating the all the wonderful things you have ahead!

Counting down! :D

Those are my colors, too! I love them.
I'm also doing this pattern, only with wine and white. Not too different from your colors.
I'm already behind, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Your yarn colors just make me smile!!! They look like . . . love and wine and flowers. I haven't even wound my yarn for the shawl yet -- but I'm hoping to get started tomorrow. Tom will be traveling next week, so maybe I'll get caught up. (Or maybe I won't!) I always love a good countdown, Margene -- and so excited to see yours count down to "lift-off"!!! XOXOX

OMG. Perfect project to start retirement! Or at least the next phase.

Oh, that's lovely... but even better is the COUNTDOWN!! So excited for you!

The colors for your new shawl are just delicious! How exciting that you are crusing into a new phase -- prediction -- you will make the most of it!

3 weeks! So close!

This reminds me that I need to finish last summer's shawl. Oopsie.

Yay for the countdown!

Beautiful colors!! (I cannot wait until you get your puppy!!)

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