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Hello Friends

Truly, I was shocked to see my last post was on March 7th.  The intent, at that time, was to stick around and continue to post when I could, but life–I guess that's it–just got in the way.

BBingoI am totally incapable of capturing a digital version of my card.

To get back into the swing of things I'm planning to join in the fun of summer knitting and reading. Thank you to Mary for stepping up to keep Book Bingo alive! She's created new Bingo cards, adding some great genres, as well as, hosting the link on her side bar. I pulled a card, hit refresh until I got a card I was excited about and I'm thinking through possibilities. Reading away the summer–from Memorial Day to Labor Day–does not sound like a bad idea! I've a few ideas and I'm exploring a few more. Suggestion from friends are very welcome!

SpicyBad pictures abound!

My next plan of action is to join Kat's Summer Knit-Along for the sole purpose of finishing the two projects I have had on the needles forever! AND, perhaps starting something new (hopefully, a sweater).  My knitting mojo has been back and forth, strong and weak, certainly not at full steam, plus I've been distracted by reading and stitching an Alabama Chanin t-shirt.

I thought I'd stop in and say hello, tell you I'm planning to come back (if anyone is around to read) and catch you up with what's in my future (and past). That's the plan! I've missed you all!

I'm looking forward to more Unraveled Wednesday posts!


I'm so happy to see a post from you and even happier to see your Book Bingo possibilities and beautiful, bright knitting! I'm also thinking about reading The Nature Fix and always pay attention to what you are reading and your book opinions. I'm also in for Kat's Summer KAL to try and give myself some motivation to finish just two projects - a pair of socks and a Hitchhiker. Your getting back into the swing of things has made my day!

Your card looks great (I can't capture a digital image either...) and I love the colors in your knitting. I think I may need to join in Kat's Summer KAL so that I, too, will have motivation to finish some things. One of the things I love about Book Bingo is seeing what everyone is reading. I didn't participate last year, but I got so many recommendations on things to read! This year I hope to provide some ideas to others.

I'm going to be posting in Kat's Summer KAL, too. Hopefully, we'll chat about books for Bingo! The shawl is really bright and fun!

I'm always happy to see you post! Hooray for summer book bingo, it's such a great way to plan summer reading.

Welcome back! It's nice to hear from you.
I absolutely love your shawl. Tell us more about it soon.

A post from you in my feed reader is ALWAYS a happy thing - so good to see you back (and look forward to a few more regular appearances :-) My first thought when I saw your photo - I have that same pen!! - and then What an interesting card! Kym has the Bechtel-Wallace square, too - must admit I'm quite curious to see what y'all read. Elizabeth Strout's latest might qualify?

Hi, Margene! I've missed your blog so. XOXO Your summer reading card looks great. I can't wait to see what you read. And that bright colored knitting is awfully fun. (I'm looking for a square for Essex Serpent . . . I don't have Historical Fiction. I'm sure I'll find a great place for it, though.) Welcome back.

Hi Margene! (I actually posted today myself!) (And also cannot capture a digital version!) It's great to see you and hear all about your summer plans. Is that the Spice Market shawl? I've had my eye on it forever!


Yay! You're back. I too would like to know more about that knit you have going on there. Good to see your Lamy Pacific out and about as well.

HI dearest friend!! Oh, I am so thrilled to see this post! Yay for Book Bingo!! And, I am happy to offer encouragement with your knitting projects! I might be in need of some AC encouragement. I am going to try and make a t-shirt myself! We shall see! I am waiting for the book to come and have been poking around a bit on Pinterest and of course - Vicki's blog! So, your help and suggestions are MOST WELCOME!

I would not have guessed that it's been over two months, going on three since your last post!! Thankfully, you are still "around" even if you're not regularly posting to your blog. That said, I do miss hearing your voice on a regular basis, and it's so nice to see a new post.

I have a pretty full preliminary BINGO card already, but there's always room for change. I don't remember whether you've read LAB GIRL, but that could be a fit for your Non-fiction About Science square; it's a memoir and I really enjoyed the audio. It could now also fit in the Recommended by A Friend square. :) I find I have no shortage of possibilities for that square!

If you hadn't been active in Goodreads during the past 2+ months, I would've been very worried about you. Since you were active there, I just figured it was life.

Hmm. Politics. There's some leeway there, I think. The Handmaid's Tale is politics, really. Or try Interface by Neal Stephenson:

Glad to see you back on the blog! You have been missed. Looking forward to your choice of books and seeing what adventures come your way- gardening, knitting and everything else.

Of course we will all be here whenever you post, Margene! It was great to see a post from you! Good luck on your summer reading.

Ooh, so happy to read a new post from you today, we've missed you. That shawl is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing a few more photos of it.

Glad you're back! Will look forward to reading about your summer reading and knitting.

A paper version of the card makes for easy note taking. I'm looking for ideas for the story within a story category.

I was wondering where you were! Glad to see you back in your space and look forward to your knitting and reading adventures :)

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