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Yes! Howdy March!

I've been waiting for you ALL WINTER!

I LOVE you March! Let me count the ways.

1. I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! You can hate on me all you want, but I love it. Time change is a sign of spring and I love spring! Plain and simple. #bringitonicantakeit

2. Well, March IS my birthday month so it would hard not to like March for that reason alone! Right? I may be getting old (my body lets me know daily), but I enjoy a good reason to celebrate and any birthday is worth celebrating. cheers


3. May may be known as the flower month (April showers and all that), but March is when the first colorful blooms start to show off. Pansies are coming alive (if you planted them last fall) and bulbs, bulbs, bulbs! Daffodils, jonquils, crocus, and early tulips have a way of making their way out of the ground and into the added sunlight. They will make themselves known by growing up through several inches of snow and they will survive, even thrive, after being pounded down by the worst of weather conditions. Spring is intrepid and so are her flowers. #lovemesomeblossoms

4. Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight, sunlight.  Nuf said.

5. March is a month of varied conditions, which (can) include many warm days, days that are all about patio time! I enjoy the fickleness of March weather. Sun, snow, rain, or all three on the same day...I'm speaking of pure entertainment. There may be  acts you don't care for, but it's a matter of hours, or maybe minutes, before better weather comes along. Spring is a roller-coaster ride of conditions. Wheeee!

IMG_0061This was last week--the sign now says 2 weeks to Spring Planting!

6. GARDEN! Time to plant root vegetables, broccoli, cabbages, and if you're very brave, peas and lettuce. You'll only lose a few seeds if things freeze. This is a gamble worth taking, believe me! #justdoitidareyou

7. March is my Bloggiversary! Vicki tallied our time in blogland at 13 years! OMG! It all started in 2004 and that seems eons ago. There was a "gang" of us, many of whom no longer blog, but we're still friends (phone calls, emails, snail mail, Instagram and FB (which, if you can stand it, is a good way to stay connected).  I'm happy to (still) be here. 

8. March is the beginning of long, light-filled evenings. On Thursday evenings throughout the winter a group of us gardeners g0t together at the local burger spot. We talked garden talk, making plans, egging each other on, and betting on who would have the first peas. This month we plan to meet in the garden and cook our own burgers on the grill. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can enjoy our first garden evening (maybe towards the end of the month). 

9. Renewal! Everything I've mentioned about March helps awaken me from the funk of winter's dark and chill. The changing sky, the warming air, the longer days, and the smell of the earth, fill my senses. I am reminded that life is ever changing, that the worst is oft short-lived and, always, from the dark comes light. Spring fills me with hope as I reconnect in a visceral way to nature. I no longer need to stay deep within my home, cowering from the frost and gray--I know the light and warmth are coming.


10. I am looking forward to seeing the gardens at Red Butte come alive during March. February, your snows covered the little snow drops, which I didn't get a chance to see. BUT, March days will surely be warmer and the bulbs will start to show off, creating beautiful flower beds of many colors. (The new water conservation area opens in May!) #gardensforever

Welcome, March! I LOVE YOU! 

Think, Write, Thursday brought to you by Carole and Kat


Your joy is contagious! I'm going to enjoy March even more now that I've read your list. The garden, more daylight, flowers, and your birthday month are all BIG reasons to welcome March with open arms.

Once again you have inspired me to look at March in a new and positive way. Thank you!

Sounds like a great month ahead! EnJOY!

I love March for all of those reasons (well . . . except for the time change thing), Margene! March is the beginning of the time of year I like best! And I just LOVE the garden billboard. That would make me smile every time I drove by. XO

Here in Illinois, March came in like a roaring lion with some wicked storms, so we are hoping for more lamb like weather as the month goes on. Thank you for reminding us not to miss the beauty and wonder of Spring!

March is a fantastic month! Happy Early Birthday, early Blogiversary, early spring, and YES to the time change (I say bring it as well!!)


I'm with you! I adore March (my bday month too) because here we get cherry blossoms! The early ones are already out, big giant bursts of pink that float to the ground like pink snow in the wind. Good times!

I love the blue sky in the last pic, so intense!

I'm happy to have February over with, and excited for March, but EEP! I have SO MUCH TO DO this month. The days go by too fast!

March is not my favorite month. Winter seems to drag on and it's one of the most intense paperwork months for special ed. April, though, is when I start feeling spring.

I'm a big fan of daylight savings time, too. As a night owl, the first day of losing sleep is painful, but it pays off with light after I leave work, which is a big thing for me.

I took inventory of my garden plot a couple weeks ago and am planning on spending some time there this weekend (in the chill) putting in peas and hardier greens. I can't seem to grow broccoli without also growing these lovely, but hungry, golden beetles, but I may give raab a shot again.

Glad you're back. :)

I'm with you 100% Margene! Bring. It. On!

Love your list! I wish we stayed in DST all year long - it takes me forever to adjust to springing ahead, alas.

What a great list!

Such positive thoughts! Thanks for your inspiring words. You write so well.

happy march birthday month to you and I LOVE your enthusiasm for a great weather changing month. I enjoy watching spring unfold and you are right, March brings the first signs of growth in nature.

Huzzah to #4!!!!! I continue to be a loyal follower of Rah. I am so glad to see you so full of joy.

Agreed on all counts.

I have a new appreciation for March after reading your list. Of course, here in northeastern Massachusetts, I will have to wait until April for some of these things to happen, but I know they are just around the corner.

I would happily greet March with you! What a fun list! Do enjoy every day!


Oh this all just makes me SMILE! I am a late convert to loving March but - even WITH the time change - I'm embracing all its glory now. (p.s. LOVE seeing TWO posts from you this week!)


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