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Sock Stories

In October of 2009, a time I was known as an obsessive sock knitter, I signed up for Kirsten's Mystery Sock. I liked the pattern so much I started a second pair, and knit them so quickly, both pair were finished by the end of the month, which was quite a feat (hahaha). However, one pair was uncomfortable, the only difference being the yarn used. Both yarns were lovely, but, perhaps there was a difference in row gauge. The other pair I still wear all the time and they fit nicely, but the uncomfortable pair was relegated to the back of the closet.

Sock knitting waned from my usual habits in 2011, which means my sock drawer has had no replenishing. If a pair wears out, a hole is left in the drawer with nothing to fill it and, sadly, as it turns out, 2016 was a very bad year for the drawer. Many of my longtime sock companions bit the dust, some of which could be repaired, but many were beyond hope or help.


Because I could see the attrition rate was high I knew something needed to be done. My feet cannot tolerate anything other than hand knit socks and the solutions were few: start new socks (and I did) and, (two quicker solutions) stitch up a few holes, and rescue any abandon projects. I dug around the closet, found the banished sock, ripped the toe off (it was painless, I assure you), and picked up the stitches. Thank goodness I had plenty of yarn, as the used yarn was quite a curly mess. To make sure they fit this time around, I added a repeat, then reknit the toe.

You can count me one very happy person as the Sunshine socks now make my feet very happy!

You might remember the one and only pair of socks I finished last year. I loved their red/black/gray stripy-ness and decided I had to use more of my stash and knit more stripy goodness. (My sock stash has been gathered over many years and holds much secret potential).  This time I picked a Knitterly Things Vesper Sock called Fire and Ice. How I love this colorway! I was totally entertained and the only thing that slowed my progress, this time around, was knitting two shawls (not one, but TWO. I'll tell you about them later, we're talking about socks, remember?) 

As you can see the Fire and Ice socks came out beautifully and I am thrilled to have them on my feet. It is still winter in Utah, although spring does get a day or two to call her own once in awhile. The momentum of sock knitting is still with me, which means as soon as one pair is finished another pair is cast on. For color inspiration I went with spring! 


See? More stripy goodness (and there is still more in my stash!). Deets later, friends. 


I love your sock stripes and those Sunshine Socks glow beautifully! May your feet be warm and your sock knitting enjoyable!

I understand your passion: my goal in life is to have sufficient number of socks to last me when I'm too old to knit more. A little old lady forced to wear WalMart socks would NOT be a happy camper!

Look at all those socks! I love that you took the time to fix the others and knit some new ones, too.

I love those stripey socks! I have more than a pair going right now myself!

Love the socks - especially the spring ones

I love this post so much! So happy that you are knitting socks. Hopefully your hands are OK with it.

Your beautiful socks are an inspiration. I love the pattern of the golden socks!

Look how productive you've been! And all of those nice new socks to fill up the sock drawer.

I have lost my sock mojo too. That pattern for the sunshine socks is just lovely. Nice work Margene!

Are you telling me that the only way to get your sock mojo back is to run out of socks? UH OH. I did that, and my mojo did not return. To quote our leader - *SAD*. My hands generally don't like those tiny needles anymore, but you may have inspired me. All those great socks! This was a happy post, Margene!

Love the sock stories. Since I live in Hawaii, the socks don't get much use, but this year I had to darn a sock for the first time. There is nothing like a hand knit sock!

Happy Birthday Month,Blog Anniversary month and sock knitting abundance! Wonderful socks Margene. A delurker who loves your blog.

I love sock stories! there is truly nothing like handknit socks ... especially ones as lovely or as stripey as yours. Glad your mojo is back!

I'm in approximately the same boat as you. But yay for stripey socks!!! :)

Oh my goodness, those socks are all SO HAPPY!! As are your feet, I'm sure. ;)

Oh, YES! Love the sunshine-y socks! Love all of the socks! Maybe I need to start working on socks again (because I haven't knit a stitch in going on two weeks now). XO

I believe the only way I can purchase stripey socks is going to be on line. Every yarn shop I'm in does not have striped sock yarn. Like one in stripes, bold colors. Oh my! Your socks are lovely :)

Beautiful socks! Glad you ripped and made them yours! I have both yarns in stash, but different colorways. 😍

I love all of your socks! I need to get back to more sock knitting, since my sock drawer is getting a bit deplenished as well.

THere is an odd sort of relief in seeing you knit socks again. I cannot explain it.

So happy to see you back!

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