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Blog Limbo (or Limbo Blog)

Thank you, for your emails, messages, comments, and snail mail! You have lifted my spirits and made me feel appreciated and loved. I have to admit, the luster of blogging has worn a little thin and I am struggling to come up with content. It isn't that I'm not "doing" stuff, I am knitting (and have several finished projects), reading (book after book), hanging out with friend here and there, and, admittedly, dealing with winter's blahs (maybe not so well). 


Not to sound down on myself but (what is is), my Month of Letters never really got off the ground. I have loved receiving letters and I'm working my way through replies, but my daily missives have been more like "once in awhile" missives. I struggle a bit with the "daily" thing and I can't really tell you why. I knit daily and read daily, but they feel like a reflexive things, something ingrained and a part of me, not something extra. This is the first year I've had a problem meeting the MoL goal. Writing and receiving mail is a real treat and you can't do one without the other. I guess I could make the excuse that life is busy and I have felt stressed, but busyness is just an excuse for not following through and it is time for a change. (Don't you just love the new Oscar de la Renta stamps?)


In any case, I've come to say hello and to try and regain the habit of blogging, because I need to do a better job of staying in touch with my friends. Have you missed my mountain? In January we had day after day of the "dreaded inversion", but the air has been cleaner since February 1st. This is the time of year for crazy mixed up weather and, after several days in the 60s, winter has returned. The good part is all that mountain snow! Look at how the peaks are weighted down with the glorious white powder. Makes me wish I could ski! 


During the warm spell, a few of my crocus decided to make an appearance. Their day in the sun was short-lived, as nature goes through her usual tug-o-war. Just wait 5 minutes... 


you are much much much too hard on yourself. Blogging is for joy and if you don't feel like doing it you shouldn't. And if you do, well then you do! Sometimes listening to what feels right is the best medicine. Loved seeing you and hearing what you are up to!!

Oh, I have missed YOU and your mountain (but mostly YOU!!) And, I agree - the mail this month has been wonderful (although I did miss a few days of writing, I hope to be back on track today... )


I have missed your mountain, photos, and YOU! But like Karen said, don't be too hard on yourself. I think there is an ebb and flow to most things in life, and you need to go with YOUR flow. Know that we miss you, appreciate your words and photos, are thinking of you and wishing you well, whether you have the time and inclination to write or not.

Good to hear from you again.

Oh I've missed you and your beautiful photos too! I know it must be hard to come up with blog posts but you do such a beautiful job taking us to Silver Lake, your magnificent mountains and clouds or the vegetable garden and wishing you good thoughts this wintery morning. Peace.

Welcome back. Sometimes we don't see friends for a while, but they return and it's just like they were never gone!

I came home from SPA and found a letter from you and now a blog post, too? I am so HAPPY and my MARGENE spot is full again! Love you.

Blogging? What's that?

Hello Margene! So nice to hear from you and to see your mountain! Things cycle around don't they? It's always nice to come back to the circle. xo

Welcome back! You've been missed. As Jo said above, friends pick up wherever they left off after an absence, short or long. I noticed you read Jacqueline Woodson's Another Brooklyn: A Novel and wondered if you'd had the joy of reading Brown Girl Dreaming? Loved it - the pages fairly sang - and am anxious to read Brooklyn. Happy Spring, whenever it finally arrives!!

Glad to see your Mountain again.

Nice to hear from you again...I'll look for the postage stamps but my PO doesn't have a very big selection. Did you order them online?
Love that Mountain!

Welcome back! I have missed you and your blog. I rarely comment, but I am a faithful reader. Glad you're back.

So happy that you've returned to your blog!

I struggled with Month of Letters this year, too, Margene! I think it's really hard to have something rather "artificial" to do every day - even if it's something like letters. Which I love. But I did write a lot of letters this month -- sometimes several in one day to "catch up." I like to participate in things like the Month of Letters because it gets me focusing on something (letters, for example) -- even if I don't do it "perfectly." And I LOVE those Oscar de la Renta stamps! (I just picked up some Wonder Woman stamps. So fun.)

(Welcome back.) XOXO

There you are! You have been missed, and your mountain as well. I assumed that you were busy dealing with all the impending change going on in your life with work and with the inversion. Spring has sprung here, very early this year, and I have had lots of light, so I have not had to deal with the dreary winter days so much this year. Great luck for me, and I have been staying in the moment as much as possible.
I agree with everyone above. You should listen to what you want to do and stop talking the "shoulds". You don't owe your readers anything, but we love to see a post that you want to write. Your mojo to blog will return when it does or maybe it doesn't. Doesn't mean you are not still loved and valued. It was joyful to see a post and hear you are well!

I'm fighting the doldrums, too, so you have my sympathy. I have definitely missed you! But I also understand about it being hard to find the motivation to blog sometimes. If I didn't have my "themed" days, I probably would never manage it.

*pats Margene gently*

I love seeing a post from you - and SNOW! - in my feed reader... I certainly understand the ebb and flow of blogging, and letter writing. Rather than push to do any one thing EVERY day, I'm looking to find a comfortable routine I can keep up. This is life ... hopefully a marathon rather than a sprint! hugs, Margene - cheers to seasons...and friends!

Is that a Pacific Al-Star I see there? I was considering getting one as well. Thought maybe more along the color of that beautiful western sky...........
So good to see you back!

understand completely about blogging loosing its luster yet that said, I am so happy to see you post again, I was worried about you and I am so happy to see you back!!!

I think I lasted 8 or 9 days with the Month of Letters... it was really nice to get a few letters in return!! It's SO nice to hear from you, Margene. I love that photo of the crocus in the snow... but am quite anxious to see them without!! I've been in the NOLA sauna for the past couple of days (though much cooler & less humid now for the rest of my visit) while my peeps at home have been dumped on with snow!! Your mountains are gorgeous, as always!!

Glad you are back. I enjoy your pictures and blog. Please continue.

So nice to have you back.

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