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The Beauty of December

December is the season of lights, which I admit, bring to me a sense of wonder and awe. I can stand before a display of lights my mouth agape, my eyes wide with joy,  oblivious to the world around as I am transfixed by beauty I behold. I love the light (as I'm sure you know by now). 


We spent Thanksgiving with our friends Monica and Steve (a wonderful day) and as we were driving home that evening we caught sight of a well lit tree off in the distance. We drove up a side street that led to a small cemetery and found at its center a very large tree covered with white lights. It was ethereal, magical, and we exclaimed to each other, with delight and wonder, how beautiful it was. As rarely happens when you're an adult, we were filled with awe. It felt like a gift to be among the first to see it.  


The sunrises and sunsets are quite wonderful this time of year and the cloud displays before, after, and during a storm can surround the mountain tops with garlands and crowns. You know I love my mountains and winter can really bring out their unique beauty. White, snow covered mountains and clear blue skies are are also commandingly exquisite. 


This time of year the golden glow glorifies our view in a way that isn't seen during the other seasons. December's light is the beautiful of the year and I must fill my heart and soul with this beauty before January's dingy skies move in.

December is filled with with wonderful people, friends and family, parties and gatherings, (which is when I keep my phone in my pocket). I'm hopeful there will be time for Smith and I to be together this month, as well. 

December offers more time indoors (demands it, actually), and that means more time to knit (maybe blog). I hope to be able to show you the TTL Mystery shawl I finished, and the Julianna shawl that's nearly off the needles. December's cold and snowy days offer the gift of knitting and reading time.

Just as Bonny said in her December post, December marks the beginning of the return of light. Solstice is a day of celebration and joy. I so look forward to the shorter nights to come. 


Ah, the light! You know I am looking forward to the solstice, Margene. My fairy lights in the house are helping, but I need some help from RA! I think these pictures are beautiful and encouraging. The light will return, but we will have to be patient while it shines elsewhere. I can't imagine how they got all those lights on that tree in the cemetery, but I have never seen anything quite that stunning. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

That tree and you other photos are beautiful. I love the lights of the holiday season as they contrast with the darkness of the skies

Your exquisite words and the stunning views of your mountain really epitomize the beauty, importance, and blessing of light. And that tree! That truly is an awe-inspiring gift, and I thank you for sharing it with us.

Oh, that tree -- simply magical!! Your mountains are always gorgeous. Love your view!! I am counting the days until the light begins to return. My weather app shows the hours of daylight/darkness everyday, and for grins Kate asked me to look at Edinburgh... where we currently have 9:00 hours of light everyday, Scotland has only 7:15 (it was really a tough time of year for her). Anyway, love hearing from you. xoxo

That tree is incredible! Oh, my!! I am so glad you captured this wonder to share with us! I love your mountain images also, Margene! Such amazing views! And your shawl!! Wow!! I love the color and cannot wait to see it blocked out!

The tree is so pretty! I'm glad you got a photo of it, because I doubt I'll have the chance to go out and see it myself.

That tree is breathtaking! I'm glad you saw it and especially glad you shared it with all of us. Hurrah for the return of the light!

The tree made me think about going for a ride with dad, mom and siblings enjoying the light! The mountain views are awesome!

It's nice to see the snow on the mountains. And thanks for the reminder that the light is coming back.

Oh, Margene! That tree! It's just stunning. And your mountain? Always a beautiful view. I love the lights in December!

Happy December, my friend! I love how you find light...everywhere - sky, mountains, knitting projects, decorations, plans ... light is everywhere. sometimes we just miss it because of the dark. xoxo - M.

Beautiful tree! I will have to also look for that golden glow.

so good to see you and your beautiful photos! I do hope that you and Smith get to be together lots and you have a wonderful month filled with good food family and friends. maybe a puppy????? Any how, Frodo sends his love :)

Thank-you for all of those beautiful sights Margene! I'm hoping that your December is full of all kind of light and that you and Smith share some special time together.

What a nice few moments I have had looking at the pictures in this post and reading your joyful words. I am resting up after a tiring stretch and this was just perfect. Thank you! I hope you are feeling well.

I can just imagine the feeling of discovering that amazing tree! I would have been so excited. :)

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