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Where was I when I stopped blogging? I have been a bad blogger and, for the most part, it's because I am enjoying my time away from a computer. The end of summer came and went and autumn is now in full swing. The last few days the weather has been perfection. I am not ready for the nice days to end and I hope they keep coming. In any case, I must go back a few weeks and share some of the highlights of what's been happening around here.


First, there was our time with the Etherknitters!  As it turned out, their timing was perfect! The beauty of autumn was in its full glory with the aspens showing off against the clear blue skies and the bronzed and burnished patchwork of color covering the mountainsides. To say it was a treat to be with friends we rarely see is an understatement. 


Smith and I took our visitors up and over the mountain to our favorite spots. We had breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge (of course) and a delightful walk around Silver Lake (of course). The next leg of our trip was back up and over the mountains to the added bonus of more amazing vistas. We made a trip to Sundance and then, down American Fork Canyon during its most stunning time of year.

We ended the day at another of our favorite spots, Red Iguana, which has the best Mexican food anywhere in the West (according to many). We were sorry to see the day come to an end, but happy we could enjoyed a fun time with truly wonderful friends. 


29880743725_b6bd3457a5_oView from my room

...there was a little thing we call The Retreat (The Alta Knitter's Retreat), which is a chance for knitters to come together and hang out, eat, drink and do anything else they can think to do.

The beautiful blue skies and autumnal colors of the previous weekend, came to an abrupt end Thursday night and, by the time I arrives Friday afternoon, the weather had turned cold and blustery. Snow started to move in and by Saturday morning we woke to about 8" of snow on the ground! The white snow and golden leaves made the views all the more beautiful, when you could see them, as the low lying clouds and fog often obscured the mountain.


However, nothing could dampen our spirits. 

We stayed cozy and warm inside and had a great time drinking a little,  snacking occasionally, and spending a lot of time knitting, talking, and laughing. There was even some yarn buying, which I'll share with you later.  We did not lack for entertainment as Anna, one of the SnB grrls, introduced us to Korean facial masks, which provided a large amount of raucous laughter. Cheryl took a video of me during my bit of self-pampering, but you'll have to go here to see it as videos make the blog go boom. (Thanks, Kym!)


After two days of cold, snowy conditions, the skies cleared and Sunday afternoon we enjoyed an hour or two on the deck. It was the perfect ending to a incredibly fun weekend. 


What beautiful, wondrful, fun reasons to be away from the blog. You were certainly missed, but I'm glad you were off having fun and spending time with friends. Loving those pictures! xo

Oh my goodness, that hilarious video!! And also creepy! ;) So glad you've been having some fun!! The photos from Alta are gorgeous... inspiring. I can't believe there was 8" of snow!

8" of snow already! :O

Thanks for sharing your photos for us to live vicariously through. Sounds and looks like you've been having a wonderful time. :)

It looks as though you have been enjoying your life, and who cares about the blog when that is the case? Hooray for you, Margene.

Its great to see both of you enjoying such a wonderful time with one another!

Autumn in the Rockies--so glorious and so fickle! The snow-capped peaks one day and sunshine the next. Glad you were having lots of fun with knitting friends and enjoying the mountains.

This post is just filled with so much awesome and fun! The photos are just spectacular! Wow!

You certainly had a beautiful and fun couple of weeks!

Your photos of Alta are stunning and it sounds like a wonderful time. I some glad you got to spend some time with Laurie & Paul, too and that photo of Laurie outside Red Iguana is awesome!

It's always a treat to see a post from you in my reader - yay! I still can't get over the stunning gold of your fall (and it's just as beautiful against blue skies as white snow!) It is a challenge to balance LIVING life with BLOGGING about it. I find that having photos to share makes it easier. Thank you for sharing so many of yours!

I am happy you are busy being full of living life. The blog is always around and so it's there when you need it. Love the catch up and glad you are well :)

It looks as though life certainly has been good! The pictures are wonderful and I can't wait to see what your yarn story is!

It was just.....just....well......perfect! *hugs*

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