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Knitting and Reading (Because I Do Not Do Football)


Kat's KAL ended on Labor Day, but my TTLM (now known as Thistle Rambles) did not meet the deadline.  A couple of weeks ago, while admiring my work of, I noticed a section that wasn't like the picture of Kirsten's shawl. It was then I realized I would have to take out ALL of clue 5 (because I had not read through it thoroughly enough) and reknit. I am very grateful I hadn't yet started the beautiful, but time consuming, picot bind off. As of today, the first few picots are now in place. Wish me well!

The book, The Underground Girls of Kabul, is for my Book Group. (This month marks our 29th year together!) I am only a chapter into the book and have 300 pages to go. However, I didn't buckle down and put in the time needed to finish, instead I found other things to do. 


I left for work a little early so I could take a picture of the sunrise. I love a crepuscular rays and it was worth giving up my reading time to capture this shot.

When I got home I cleaned the bathrooms. (It had to be done!)

I, also, worked in the garden because the weather was superb and I had to be outdoors. 

I sipped a glass of wine whilst enjoying the patio (I do drink alone). 


And, I ended my day with a walk and pictures of the sunset, which I painted with Prisma (Caribbean).  

With summer ebbing I have to revel in the beautiful days as much possible.



Knitting is my favorite thing to do while I "watch" football :-) My TTLMS is still languishing at the beginning of clue 4. Yours is going to be beautiful - and just in time to enjoy the first crisp air of fall.

I love the colors of your shawl and I wish you a successful and speedy bind off! Your sunrise and sunset photos are always my favorites.

I love the shades of gray you chose for your shawl, that your book group has been together for 29 years, that you used "crepuscular", worked in the garden, drink alone, and don't do football. Me, neither, but yes to all those other great activities!

Ah, God light! It is a lovely thing, isn't it? Your pictures are always worth waiting for. Your shawl is beautiful, and I wish you a speedy and smooth ending to this knit. I know you will enjoy it; the timing for finishing it is perfect. Football? Nah, me neither!

I love the colors of your shawl...it is going to be beautiful! We have been having some very nice weather & it makes me kind of lazy, I just want to go for a walk or sit on the patio & soak it all in. Enjoy!

I love this time of year. Until they throw that time change at us. Your shawl is beautiful.

It's a lovely shawl that needs to be done properly, not quickly so you've done the right thing! It's gorgeous and will be amazing when you've finished it.

I love audio books so I can clean the bathroom and read at the same time...

Beautiful light.

What beautiful colours.

I love the colors you chose. Last year's summer knit-a-long is still a UFO for me. I started the picot bind off months and months ago, but yet it sits.

Beautiful prisma sunset!

I am glad you caught the mistake before you started the bind off!! The colors are beautiful! And, you sunrise/sunset photos are just amazing!

Along with everyone else, I love the colors of th shawl--such nice subtle variation. These are beautiful days in the Rocky Mountain area. Wouldn't it be nice to have about 12 seasons in the year so we'd never get tired of the weather haha!

Here's hoping the picot bind off is without hiccup. Here's to more beautiful days and the opportunities to enjoy them! xo

beautiful knitting! and in my kind of colorway as well :) I have to watch football because it's on when "he" is watching...I just knit.

We shall have twin shawls soon! Mine is done but unblocked. I'm heading to NC on 10/1 and I want to take it with me...Looks like you've spent your time well lately! (I actually enjoyed that bind-off!)

Oh, that Prisma photo... color my world (in a painterly fashion)! :)

Good luck with your picoting!

29 years?! WOW. That is a dedicated book group.

Love your Prisma photo.

That must be a great group of readers to stay together for so long! Your shawl is so pretty. I am enjoying your blog.

I so agree about using that lingering summer as much as possible. Youre grey shawlis gorgeous.

Last year, I joined a book group that has been together for 25 years. I am the first newcomer in over a decade -- but one of their members moved to Florida, and they needed someone to fill the space. It's nice to be the "new kid" -- but I'm envious of their long and comfortable history together! XO

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