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This is my not so attractive Bingo card.  If you can make it out, you'll see I have 4 Bingos and, for this, I am quite happy. Many of my blog friends have made it through to a coverall, but I just couldn't pull that off this summer. I read (as in "real books"), listened, and even got through a Kindle book, or two. 

The  best books out of all that read (and that are involved in Bingos) were: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Dandelion Wine, Chicago, Secret Scripture, Hour of Land, Love Poems, and Homegoing. I read a few books I would never have read, but I can't say I like them. Few of their genre will be on any future reading list. I have books in mind for most of the other squares, and I hope for a coverall by the end of December. Winter is dark and cold, the perfect time to cozy in with a book and read on and on. 


However, I want you to know summer is not gone, although it's being pushed hard by autumn. I see red leaves on the mountain sides and know within the next couple of weeks we will see the aspens leaves changing from green to gold. It will soon be time to wrap up in a layer of fleece, but the change to winter is months off. I'm hanging on to summer for dear life! 


Bravo, Margene!! I think 4 bingos are fantastic! And, that sunflower and bee photo! Wow! Gorgeous!! XO

I'm hanging on with you! Congrats on your bingo accomplishments! Winter is great for reading but I still love reading on a beach best of all.

It's not the bingos so much as the reading itself, and you are an extraordinary reader of interesting books! I've never gotten around to Kavalier and Clay, but with your recommendation it's going on my list. The sunflower and bees are stunning!

Margene, I am hanging onto summer with you, so fervently! Autumn is beginning to push in here as well, but most of all, the light is beginning to go at the beginning and end of the day. WAAAAAAAA! I have been reading as well, but not as much as you, I think. Congrats on your bingos! I absolutely love that sunflower photo. It's nice to see the bees living it up.

I taught Dandelion Wine tonight school students for many years--it's one of my all time favorites! Keep on truckin' as you go for a full card!

The sunflower photo is gorgeous! I'm with you in hanging onto summer as long as we can!!!! You filled your bingo card with some wonderful books, too. Good job!

For magic, which I know you're not keen on, I have a book set in the west, 1800s, called Silver on the Road. It's excellent and not thud and plunder magic. Just an excellent story with well drawn characters. History is a bit redrawn but it is the West recognizeably. Best of all, I have the book so you wouldn't have to buy it. just saying.

YAY for summer reading!! I, too, loved Kavalier and Clay (and I'm looking forward to Chabon's new book, due out this fall). I'm so glad you played along during the summer and hope you find a few more great reads as you cover the rest of your card.

Congrats! You are pretty close to a coverall. :)

Did you take that photo? It's great!

Congratulations!! Haha. I'm just hoping for *one* BINGO by Thanksgiving! I am thrilled, though, having already read far more this year than any in recent memory. Autumn is in evidence around here, but I'm with you... there is A LOT OF SUMMER left to enjoy!

I'm with you and hanging on tight to warm weather! Those gold aspen are a pretty spectacular sight!

congrats on the bingo winnings. I love your sunflower and while we are having a big heat wave the leaves are still changing and the acorns are falling!!

There is no way I would even get one bingo in a reasonable amount of time. I do read, every day in fact, but usually at night before bed, so that means a few pages and then...sleepy time. ;)

I love that sunflower! Evidently the bees do, too.

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