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1. The weekend started with a night out with a girlfriend and a trip to my favorite LBS.  The Kinds English will celebrate their 39th anniversary on Saturday and I'm all about shopping at my local independent bookstore. Let's hear it for LBSs everywhere!

2. Saturday I took a little time for some personal hygiene-ing, as in a haircut, manicure, and pedicure. All summer my toes have been blue (Venice a Party?), but I opted for "O'Hare and Nails Look Great" (red!).  The toes will be bare as long as possible, which I expect will be a couple more months. The fingernails are only every buffed only, thank you. 

3. Saturday evening Smith and I went to our favorite taqueria with Larry and Cheryl. We then spent the evening playing Cribbage. We're learning. Counting to 15 is proving difficult for me. Larry is the master at totally the cards. (But, Cheryl still won all the games). 


4. I worked in the garden and harvested an eggplant the size of a football. It was the only fruit on the plant, a plant that wasn't tall enough to keep it off the ground. This eggplant was huge and slightly soft, so I opted to harvest, even thought it was green. Smith plants odd varieties and he does not keep track, which means it may not be the type that goes totally aubergine. I'll let you know how it tastes once I decide the best way to eat it. 

5. I also made a small pot of Vicki's tomato sauce out of our ugly tomatoes. The sauce also included a few small eggplant, a couple of squash and a bunch of onions and peppers from the garden (plus, of course, garlic). 


6. Just in time for the weekend several of the postcards I'd sent via Postcrossing arrived at their distant destinations. When postcards arrive the sender can then send out more cards. I have received 388 and sent just as many. I love this fun hobby of connecting the world one postcard at a time. 


7. I walked around Red Butte Gardens and then, because all the cool kids are doing it, I played with Prisma, a fun (new?) app. 

8. Smith and I spent a lovely Sunday evening, and then a lovely Monday evening together. Rarely do we get two nights in a row together. This weekend we've had three! 

I guess this ends up being Ten Eight on Tuesday (by Carole).  If I tell you anything else, I'd have no reason to come back here the rest of the week. How was your Holiday weekend? 


Hooray for extended weekends! Yours sounds like an excellent one, especially with those 3 nights together with Smith. Love you!

This sounds like an exceptional weekend! Gigantic eggplants, Red Butte Gardens, and three nights in a row with Smith are each pretty special. I'm listening to The Nix as an audiobook, and while it's exceptional, I really want to at least see the "real book" and am wishing my LBS was a bit more local than 30 miles away. Hooray for The King's English!

Yay for local bookstores! I do try to limit my use of Amazon.
Your weekend looks as sunny and beautiful as ours was.
I went to a family reunion in Chicago and had a wonderful time. Hung out with friends. Spent time with my husband. Pretty good weekend.

388 postcards?!?!? WOW. That's really cool. :)

That eggplant... O.O

Yay for the LBS!!!

OH, yes, LBS, unfortunately more and more of them keep closing. A shame of the times we live in. Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend, lot of fun and time with Smith and friends. Yes, that eggplant! Do let us know how that turns out! Hang on to summer, Margene, I'm not sure I can do it without your help!

I listened to The Secret's of Mary Bowser and I do not want it to end! I am absolutely in love with dear Mary, it is an amazing story! I recommend HIGHLY! It really was a lovely weekend. Glad you had a great weekend too!

The only LBSs we have around here anymore are used books stores. So sad.

Glad you & Smith had some evenings together! It sounds like a pretty great weekend. Can't wait to hear more.

What a great weekend you had! I spent mine mostly outside, kayaking, bicycling and hiking. Perfect.

I love the bookstore. Our local independent is dying, which is really sad, because it is the oldest or second oldest in the country. Every time we go, it looks more forlorn. I hope yours keeps on keeping on!

Your Prisma photo is awesome!
Dinner and Cribbage were lots of fun. Larry is currently in the garage designing a cribbage board/box combo.

Wow that eggplant looks delicious-I didn't acquire a taste for eggplant until I was well into my 40s, now it's one of my favorites.

yay for shorter lists - mine was only 7! so great that you have an LBS...celebrating its 39th anniversary, too. I haven't looked into Prisma yet... so clearly not "all" the cool kids are doing it ;-)

gorgeous weekend and I'm curious as to how your eggplant tasted. We planted eggplant but the tomatoes overgrew and crowded out the plants who needed some sun.

Fun list, Margene!

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