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When You Can Use the Word Meshuggeneh should! 

In truth, it's been nice to not think in blog. I have one or two posts in the works, but I haven't had time, or inclination, to pull something together. We have family coming in this weekend, which means planning is taking all my energy and mental power. But then, I started thinking about Ten on Tuesday, and then, came up with a few words, I decided to play along.

1. Maddening - (Smith says I can be) It is hard for me to make decisions and Smith is usually the one trying to get me to make the leap. Colors of paint, tile for bathroom (did finally get there, but it took great effort), where and what to's all crazy making.

2. Muzzy - I am often confused, vague, or unsettled in my thinking. See above. I can "think" for hours and end up going round and round without ever making a decision.

3. Messy - When I'm working on a project I have stuff everywhere.  Only when push comes to shove do I get my act together and straighten everything up. Smith is the same way. Did I say family is coming? I hope they don't look in the closets. Something could fall on their heads!

4. Magnificent - Aren't we all?

5. Miraculous - If not for the "miracle" of modern medicine I would not be here. Over and over (3 times or more) I have been saved from certain death. I am a walking wonder.

6. Mature - As in aged to perfect.

7. Mediocre - Not great at any one thing, but I keep trying to up my game (a little).

8. Matter-of-fact - I have a tendency to tell it like it is.

9. Mellow or manic - Take your pick.  I can often go with the flow, but there are times I am anxious and on the verge of freaking, but rarely go all the way to freaking. I enjoy the mellow more.

10. Meshuggeneh - hahahahaha 


Love this list and it's perfectly you except for the mediocre. No way, baby, you are MAGNIFICENT!

You've composed an excellent title and list! I would also add mindful and marvelously supportive.

I love the word "meshuggeneh" and love using the word " meshuggeneh"!

At certain appropriate times I enjoy using the word "meshuggeneh" !

This is the most magnificently marvelous list!! And, you are so not mediocre! In any sense of the word! XO

Love this. And love that you have the ability to put this blog together

Perfect list, Margene! Mmmmmm!

I call shenanigans on mediocre.

you pull off M with a lot more maturity and magnificence than I do... as evidenced by Meshuggeneh!!


Fun post! Mediocre seems out of place. I think marvelous would be better.

This post is almost perfect, but there is nothing mediocre about you! This list is evidence that you are not mediocre. I love the word meshuggeneh, and it describes me to a T some days! I hope you have a great family visit after the stress of planning it.

You are definitely not mediocre, my dear Margene!

I hope you have a nice visit with family this weekend.

4-5-6 you go girl. Perfect!

I totally agree with all others - mediocre, no way Margene! I marvel at how you always manage to come up with just the right words that make memorable messages.


nice list of words :) just so you know I think of you every time I post Frodo's photo. I'm willing you to get another schnauzer :) :)

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