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Keeping It Cool (Or a Day Late and a Dollar Short)

Blow By Blow

Wednesday, July 13th - The Cottonwood Presbyterian, the church that allows SOUL Community Garden to use their land, had a social with all the summer foods you'd expect and a band to play oldies so the crowd could dance the evening away.

Friday, July 15th - Smith and I had a lovely evening of sushi shared with friends, Smith worked most of the weekend and Friday was his only night off. There was a lot of eating, drinking, and being merry, as befitted a Friday night after a week of work. (Not that the weekends aren't spent working, but that's a different story.)

Saturday July 16th- Lunch with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. Incredibly, I had sushi yet again and it was even more delicious (if that's possible) than the night before.  A few hours later I had dinner with another friend, but begged her to choose anything other than sushi. We took a trip to India and had aromatic, spicy, and flavorful tikka masala and coconut korma (among other things). I ate my way through the weekend and broke the bank in the process. All the food was worth every penny. Time with friends is priceless.


Between lunch and dinner I made a quick stop at a family reunion just in time to play a few rounds of Bingo. Last year I won a couple of times, but this year I had no luck, just a great time with my sister and few members of our mother's family. Time with family is priceless, too.


Sunday July 17th- Sunday is traditionally SnB, knitting with friends. Sometimes it's just Cheryl and I, but usually there is a group of 4 or 5, always fun. The rest of my afternoon was spent weeding and water in the garden. The hour and half I spent there it was 100 degrees (10% humidity) and I became very overheated. The watering had to be done, as plants also suffer when it's that hot. All evening I sat in front of a fan trying to cool off whilst sipping cold white wine.


Tuesday night Smith was free!! And, we decided to spend the evening with Larry and Cheryl at one of SLCs fabulous free summer concerts. City Jazz Big Band was in fine form playing swing, jitterbug, the waltz, cha-cha, and so much more. There were many practiced dancers showing off their skills and I was even asked to dance, although I am a terrible dancer. (Smith is resolute in his desire to NOT dance.)


When I realized the last time I'd talked to you was July 7th I was sad (and embarrassed). Life is busy, s much more happening than I've shared with you here, but nothing earth shattering, just hectic and energy sapping (physic energy sapping). Summer is slipping away, although we are in an epic heatwave, I have watched as the light changes, disappearing in the morning and the evening.


I have been reading when I can, but the illusive bingo has not been caught. I am stuck in two densely worded books (books worth the time and effort), and looking forward to moving on to something shorter, maybe lighter, and quicker. I desire a bingo or three! The two books taking my time are The Hour of Land (Time Travel) and Homegoing (Set in Africa). Yes, I am stretching the meaning of "Time Travel", but the evolution of our National Parks fits the bill, imo.

Somewhere along the way I made a miscalculation of on my TTL Mystery. Not only did I mistakenly tell several people I was on Clue 4--I have spent a fair amount of time frogging clue 3 and I'm still not through it! I made mess of row 14, which meant some fudging had to be done over rows 16 & 18. I wouldn't bet my life on it, but it looks like I am finally on track and may make it to Clue 4 this weekend. The shawl may even be finished by the end of summer. I have hope!

Monday is Utah's Bigass Holiday! Really big! The date should actually be the 24th of July (Pioneer Day / Days of '47, etc (or Pie and Beer Day, as those of us in the "counter-culture" like to say), but because Sunday is sacred the celebration will be on Monday. I'm very happy to have a day off, no matter the reason.


Great job catching us up on life with Margene!

Ominous words that I have been feeling here too: "Summer is slipping away..." and while this year I am determined to live in the moment, it is not easy when the calendar keeps moving forward at an, at times, impossible pace!

TTL confession time - I made a mistake in Clue #3 in the repeat of rows 1-11 - I am not sure what I did, however I am confident that since I will not be wearing the pattern, no one will notice. Right? Lesson learned - lifelines can be your helper (says the person who never ever uses them!)

I love the summer concert dancing - Steve does not like crowds, or dancing, so I am enjoying vicariously from here! Have a fantastic LONG weekend! XOXO

I am sure, despite the several times that I've tinked back to fix a mistake (just yesterday, in fact), that there are a number of mistakes and "fudges" in my TTL Mystery Shawl... I just hope that they're not glaringly obvious! Lack of concentration, sapped energy, and a tapped brain.

You're awfully close to a BINGO!! :)

So good to catch up, Margene! XO
Summer is such a busy time. I only just recently got my first Bingo . . . and I am nowhere near Clue 3 on my shawl. (There are Times to Knit Lace and NOT Times to Knit Lace. I am in a NOT Time. It will be awhile.) Enjoy every moment of your long weekend.

What a lovely catch-up! I feel (almost) like I had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with you. I'm a fairly resolute non-dancer also, so I wouldn't mind chatting with Smith some day. I have Hour of Land on hold at the library and I think it's perfect for Time Travel. I'll look forward to your thoughts and wish you a wonderful Pie and Beer Day long weekend!

Its great that you sound happy and busy. I feel the same way, that the summer is slipping away. So much yet to do in the warmth! I'm in CA currently and there is so much light here. Love that.

I am so glad to hear you are having so much fun. Summer is always busy, and not always fun, but you seem to have found the "middle way" lately. Good for you! I love to dance, so I would have been happy to take your place! It looks as though you have a well-deserved long weekend coming up, so enjoy every moment, doing what you like when you like. Relish summer and the light; I have been noticing it changing a lot lately, even though it is still 99 degrees with 50% humidity here! It is a virtual sauna, but I will probably remember it fondly in February..... maybe.........

I felt you about not blogging since July 7! However, you were busy--socializing, gardening, working--we all,have times when something slips away from us! You made me think about not emailing a cousin who I almost never saw when we were young and never felt very connected to her. Then a cousin reunion and love of reading brought us together--I shouldn't let this go. So, your period of silence became an impetus for me.

Life is pretty good Margene! Glad you had some fun time together with Smith. And I'm on clue 4 but man is it slow going!

Do keep going with the shawl. I've seen some finishes, and it is beautiful. I want to knit one eventually!
We don't eat out much to save money, but we do go out with friends. That is totally worth the cost!

Pie and Beer Day, and a day off. What could be finer?

Oh, have a lovely extra day off on Monday!! :)

I think I need a nap, after reading how busy you've been. ;)

Ah yes, the Pioneer Day. I remember that when I worked in SLC and couldn't figure out why I could get the 4th off but not some random day at the end of the month. So much I learned, including tater tot recipes.

The TTL got me a few times too. It's doable, so hand in there! In fact I knit it after seeing that you signed up. You're a guiding light :-)

don't you hate when you have to rip out knitting! I had to undo four - five rows on my lace shawl, I righted the wrong and then promptly set it aside...I guess it's in time out over the weekend. I love how busy you are and what fun you have in your community!! I should do more in our town...

A post from you is always a welcome sight in my feed reader! (although I was a bit worried when I saw the title accompanied by the photo of your bingo card ;-) I can't wait to hear what you think about The Hour of Land (totally Time Travel to revisit the history of our parks, imo too!) My mom is a huge fan of the parks and I'm thinking about getting her the book for her birthday next month. Hope cooler temperatures are headed your way (before the days get too much shorter) xo.

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