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Keeping It Cool (Or a Day Late and a Dollar Short)

I know I'm setting myself up for a lot of haters, but baby, I love summer! Yes, the 102 degree days and 80 degree nights are a little excessive and uncomfortable, but they are short lived. Winter is LONG and it is cold for MONTHS, so I'm not going to complain and, I know how to stay cool. 


1. Go Up! Walking or hiking  in the canyons is a great way to stay cool, see some wildlife, and enjoy a new crop of wildflowers. Life is cooler at 10,000'. 

2. Keep water, ice tea, cold beer, and cold white wine in the fridge. And, lots of ice to keep anything you enjoy drinking cold. Hydrate. Water is best, but enjoy your favorite iced drink no matter what it is.

3. Get your housework and yard work done in the morning before the temperatures climb. It's much easier to exercise early in the day, too. 

4. Turn your a/c to a comfortable temperature and spend some time relaxing. Put your feet up and read or knit. Everyone deserve a break from activity when it's too hot to do anything.

5. Head to a grocery store (usually the coldest place around) or a movie theater (second coldest place around).

6. Don't cook. Eat something cold! Salads with fresh veggies, cold poached salmon, and ice cold watermelon (with a spinkle of lime) are my favorites.

7. Eat a rootbeer float, ice cream sandwich, or a dish of ice cream topped with something else cold. One must enjoy the flavors of summer.

8. Sit on the patio under a mister and enjoy the cool breeze and slight spray of water it creates. (I realize this may be something only a westerner would employ.)

9. Head for a pool and enjoy getting your feet wet or, even, taking a dunk. 

10. Spend time below ground, in a cave or a basement. In Utah almost every home has a basement family room and when it just gets too unbearable, that's where you'll find us. 

Utah celebrated all weekend (Pioneer Day!) and some of us (me) didn't want to come inside to play on the computer. I may be a day late for Carole's Ten on Tuesday, but I still wanted to join the fun!


I will think of you fondly even though I am a winter lover!! great list and keep cool :) or hot:)

I think this post is right on time! This is the second day that has brought root beer floats to the forefront for me! I am craving one and will have to remedy that soon! XO

All great suggestions! Chilled food & drinks & "just chilling" time knitting or reading are definite musts!

Growing up here in Salt Lake, had Summer's like this all the time in the 60's and 70's. I love the heat as well. It's beyond perfect in the mornings and evenings.

I'm with you 100% (except not in the basement...but I get it). PS I first read your title as a Day Latte ......)

Number 2 remind me of my grandmother (lovely, talented lady). The only respite to midsummer in the Great Plains was to get up early, do the chores, then hole up in the basement!

I love the idea of a mister but with all our humidity I don't think it would be very practical! Ten On Tuesday posts are welcome at any time - thanks for playing along with another summer lover!

What a COOL list, Margene! And mmmmmmm. A root beer float sounds just perfect right now. (And sign me up for a nice, hot summer, too! Winter is always too long.) XO

OMG, the thought of a mister on one of our humid, hot days - eww! :D

I am fine with the heat, but the humidity is tough to deal with some days. All great suggestions, and I certainly agree with getting the chores done early. I even cook dinner early in the morning sometimes and just heat it up a bit at dinner time. There are ways to peacefully coexist with the heat, and you hit them all. Let's enjoy what's left of the heat and the light!

Summer doesn't last long enough in these parts, either. I love spring & fall, too, but agree that winter is TOO LONG, TOO DARK, TOO COLD! I love all your ideas for chillin'!

I love the summer too and we're having a warm one! You've got some excellent ideas and you're so is cooler at 10,000 feet!

Larry said one of the booths at the farmer's market has misters set up. He hadn't figured out where they were getting the water and electricity from.

I love summer too (and I do try hard not to complain about the heat and humidity). Believe it or not, kids start back to school next week - but I'm going to keep my summer vibe on at least through Labor Day. Misters are wonderful; a few outdoor plazas have them here and I love them - except when I get water spots on my sunglasses :-)

I love summer too, though humidity makes me melt a bit. No matter, I 'll still take over winter ANY day! I love cutting up bananas that are about to become over ripe and freeze them on parchment and then store in a ziploc. On hot days (and hot flashy days) nothing cools me down quicker than a frozen piece of banana in my mouth. Smoothies are a close second and those have been a staple here using kale, mustard greens, hot peppers, and lemon basil from the garden as well as local blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana and tart cherry juice- I also add 0% Fage yogurt for my protein to it. Yum!

The field has been dry as a bone this year. 0.6 inches of rain all month. So with that comes hours of hand watering my plot twice a day as well as other people's who are on vacation, sick or stuck in traffic getting home from work with withering plants. I love it all the same. And finding wee creatures. My hummer visited me today and snacked on zinnia blooms. That is the cherry on top of my sundae so to speak. Made my day! Stay cool!

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