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Time away from the blog stretched on longer than I'd intended. I feel I have many good excuses, but excuses they are. If I divide my life into sections of work, home, and family, there isn't one section that isn't in some sort of upheaval. This weekend afford time for peace, time for calm, time of love, and time to regroup. 

This weekend my family came together, from places all across the country, to celebrate Dad's life.  He taught his children to love nature, love music, to be strong, independent, and generous. All 7 of Dad's children were here along with many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Three of Dad's 4 living siblings were here (which wasn't easy) and many of their children also came. It was wonderful to see cousins I hadn't seen in quite some time. 

This weekend was mostly about Dad, but there were other things going on, too. 


1. This weekend I listened to my family make beautiful music together. My sisters, nieces, and nephew played two of Dad's favorite hymns at his memorial service. My sister plays the harp, another sister the piano. My nieces and nephew play string instruments, and one of my nieces sings like a songbird. 

2. I listened to my sister and my nephew eulogize my father's capacity for love and acceptance. 


3. I heard a member of the Armed Services Honor Corp play taps for my father. (I sobbed through the whole thing.)


4. I watched the Honor Corp gave a gun salute in honor of my father's service during WWII. 

5. As the oldest child, I received the flag from a member of the Corp. I was verklempt as thank them for the flag and for their service to our country.

6.  The weekend wasn't just all about family, it was about friends, too. Sunday I helped a friend move and along with all the work there was love and laughter, too. 

7. I admired the work of the tile guy who had set in my crazy choice of tiles for the new shower. May I just say how happy I am it looks even better than I envisioned. The contractor, and the tile guy, who were both a little skeptical, admitted it was great. There is still more work to do to finish the job. 

8.I organized and cataloged my inks, cleaned and filled a few of my pens, and wrote postcards, notes cards, and letters. 

9. I fit in a little knitting (working hard on my TTL Mystery shawl) and reading (working towards a Bingo). 

10. To finish off the weekend, Smith and I had dinner out with our neighbors, then came home to watch fireworks from our balcony--the city park to our left and the country club to our right. 

It was a fabulous weekend all around. 

Today Smith and I continue the long weekend by enjoying a day off together. We may head to our favorite spot, but we might decide to try someplace new. I'll let you know later.


Thank you for the love, condolences, and support you have given me over the last month since my father died. I am very happy he is now at rest. I miss him and I know he would have loved the coming together of his family and the celebration that honored him. 


It sounds like a beautiful and loving celebration of your father's life. I'm glad you got to feel comforted and loved throughout all of it. I adore your tile! It looks fabulous and good for you for going with your gut despite the skepticism of others. Enjoy your day with Smith today!

How wonderful that this weekend was so very positive for you. May all the upheaval settle down well and quickly.

What an amazing testament to your father's life. I am so happy that so many of your extended family were there to share in his life together. May those memories sustain you in the days and weeks ahead.

Also, Dear Tile Guy - GREAT JOB!!


I'm glad that you found the service comforting and got to be surrounded by loved ones. Who doesn't sob at Taps? It reaches in and guts me every time. Your dad would be so pleased that you are now at peace with his passing.

Your tile is a masterpiece! May I employ you when I can re-do my bathroom? I really love it. It has the appearance of something that you will never grow tired of seeing. I am envious.

Have a great day off with Smith!

I bought on-line a wooden, glass-fronted case for my father-in-law's memorial flag. The case and flag sit top center on our living room bookcases. I am not an "observant patriot", and felt uncomfortable making this purchase. Now I am happy to see Grandad Seiver's flag each day and remember good times.
May the good memories comfort you, too.

That tile is just awesome Margene! And I'm glad your weekend came together just as you'd have hoped. Those military services are beautiful. Have a wonderful day today!

Hugs to you and yours.

Your father sounds like a wonderful man who touched many lives. No wonder you miss him!

Your dad's service sounds like it was just right, filled with love, honor, and beauty.

I would have been skeptical of your choice of tiles, too, but I'm loving the way it looks in the photo. Beautiful!

The celebration of your father's life moved me to tears. Taps always touches a deep place in my heart as does the loss,of another WW 11 veteran. They truly were the greatest generation.

On another note, your tile is amazing.

What a beautiful memorial service you and your family put together and carried out. I'm glad your father's wonderful life could be celebrated with ceremony, music, and love.

This is a terrible segue, but your tile is stunning! You may find yourself taking really long showers to appreciate all those unique designs. Hope you and Smith had a great day together; you deserve it with all sections of your life in upheaval!

A lovely memorial service for your dad and how great that so many relatives, including those in his generation were able to be there. Thank you for sharing the service...we are here to provide support.

I love your new shower's gorgeous. And lucky that you get to stand on your balcony and see celebrations from two events.


It sounds like a wonderful celebration of your father.

And the tile is gorgeous!

I'm so glad the celebration(s) for your dad went well... it sounds like a beautiful tribute to a much-loved man and the honors from his time in the service made it even more special. I love that the armed services still celebrates all those brave, strong men who served. Hope you and Smith enjoyed your extra day today .. no matter how you decided to spend it. and for sure there'd better be a lovely shower in your near future. That new tile is gorgeous! xoxo.

It sounds like you honored your father with a beautiful, comforting service. xxxx

what a beautiful celebration of life. I am glad you were with your family and friends and had a wonderful walk down memory lane. Hugs to you in your time of loss.

It sounds like the memorial service was amazing! What a great way to honor his memory.

Love the tile in your bathroom!

And very glad you had what sounds like an extremely restorative weekend - definitely needed. :)

So glad to hear that the memorial was so wonderful, and that you got to see so much of the family. It's great that they were able to do the gun salute, too.

Love the new shower! Can't wait to see it in person when it's all done.

The service for your dad sounds just perfect. I'm glad you were able to visit with so many family members.

That tile job. OMG!! It's beautiful! It makes me want a re-do!! Stunning.


My condolences. A wonderful remembrance. Take care. Hugs

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