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I got one Bingo and I'm closing in on two more! Yesterday Carole mentioned The Gilmore Girls would be returning to Netflix. I've never seen an episode and I hope to do a little watching when they're back on the air. From what I hear, a book was mentioned on almost every episode and, as it happens, Buzzfeed has published a list  with over 300 of the books. How very lucky, as I have a square on my Bingo card for the Gilmore Girls.

This week the longlist for the Man Booker was announced and I'm enthralled. I look forward to delving into some fantastic reading, but for my Bingo square I'm considering a couple of past winners. 

My favorite Bingo books so far are The Secret Scripture (I've read this book 3 times), Mothering Sunday, Chicago, and Love Poems. I'm a fan of Irish novels and The Secret Scripture is quite a tale. I now want to read everything the author, Sebastian Barry, has written. Mothering Sunday was a tongue in cheek stab at British society. Love Poems had rhythm, wordplay, and smart use of language, which reminded me of hip-hop. Chicago has some very memorable characters, including most of the tenants of the apartment building, but Edward the dog stands out. You may remember hearing about the author as he wrote, Mink River.

Runner ups were Cocaine Blues (just for fun), Homegoing, and House at the End of the World. I'm now reading Dandelion Wine (which I read every summer or two) and I'm anticipating The Sellout, Outline, and finishing Hour of Land, which is going to take me most of August. 

I hope for more reading time this weekend as temperatures will still be around 100 or so. There are a few other plans in the works, too. Have a wonderful weekend!


I have never watched the Gilmore Girls either... I must have led a very sheltered youth! I am on the list at the library for Chicago, but alas, there are dozens before me so it will be some time before I get it! BRAVO on the Bingo!! Have a fantastic weekend!! XO

Congratulations on the Bingo! It's fabulous that you have found books that you liked and can pursue other works by them. The heat is with us here as well, along with lots of humidity, but I still have had trouble finding time to read. RATS! I hope to find some time this weekend. I hope you have a very relaxing and joyful weekend. Enjoy it!

The only reason I ever watched The Gilmore Girls was because Alison was obsessed; I'd never have watched it otherwise, and doubt I'll seek out any of the new episodes.

Congrats on your BINGO! Happy weekend, and stay cool!

Wow, you are a fast reader! I really loved Mink River, and now I'm reading The Plover. It will probably take me months to finish.

Congrats on your bingo!! Hmm. I probably haven't read Dandelion Wine in a couple of decades...

I saw Dandelion Wine pop up in your Goodreads feed, and it reminded me I bought a copy at King's English a few years back, but never finished it (life got in the way). I'll figure out where it's slipped to and make it an August priority. Thanks for the memory nudge!

Hannah and Dale and I always watched Gilmore Girls together, we loved it and are very excited about the new episodes coming on Netflix. Hooray for a bingo for you! I'm almost at a cover all, I think I only have 3 or 4 books left to read. Thanks for the Man Booker link, too, I missed that announcement.

I must have read blogs very early yesterday, at least that's my excuse for missing yours. Loved seeing all the book recommendations!

(what Jo said ;-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on your first Bingo - and on a great summer of reading! your book updates always add at least a few titles to my TBR... off to check out Mothering Sunday and Dandelion Wine. Happy Saturday!

I, too, love Sebastian Barry -- and Secret Scripture is one of my favorites. (But you already know this.) I just started reading Chicago this morning. Love it so far! Happy reading, Margene. (I'll be interested in hearing what you think of Outline.) XO

PS - I've never seen the Gilmore Girlss either. . .

I finished reading Chicago a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to take the train up to Chicago for a weekend just to look for Edward! Brian Doyle is one of my favorite authors.

I'm watching the gilmore girls on netflix from beginning to end, I'm near the last season and it has been quite entertaining :) congrats on the BINGO!

No Gilmore Girls in this house. (Boy child maybe?) Congrat's on the Bingo and as usual I love following what you're reading!

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