Officially Summer

What a Week


Loving--my friends, who have been amazing in their support because of last Friday's craziness.


Thinking about--how very, very fortunate we were last Friday when Smith was in a horrendous car crash. A heavy bar (trailer stabilizer) that shouldn't have been on the freeway came crashing through his windshield. Grateful doesn't begin to cover the way we feel. Grateful, amazed and stunned that Smith wasn't injured (or worse). He's having occasional flashbacks, which will pass with time. The car sustained a few thousand dollars damage, but it's fixable. The above picture is of the windshield. The door post is the reason the bar didn't come all the way through. Friends and family--you float my boat. 

Looking forward to (as well as) Dreading--a master bathroom redo. Our world will be in major upheaval for a few weeks, because the bathtub is being removed and the ancient tile replaced. The house is 45 years old and we owe it a little upkeep. Mostly, I'm feeling sticker shock at the cost.

Knitting--when I knit, which hasn't been much this week, I am working on the TTL Mystery. I am only half way through the first clue. Maybe this weekend there will be progress. 


Dreaming--about the day we can get a dog. Meet Margo's schnauzer, Leo. He let me scratch behind his ears all evening. I know that special spot schnauzers love scritched.  I have puppy/dog fever, but I must wait a little while longer. 

Listening to--Everything from Led Zeppelin to John Coltrane (as well as a book). 


Drinking--something wonderful and citrusy that Margo concocted when I visited her on Tuesday. She lives in one of our amazing canyons, which is lush with greenery this time of year, plus, it is full of wildflowers (you can see them behind Leo). We had a girlfriends night out, with fish tacos and a lot of conversation. 

20160608_182454-1 can see the next few books in the queue. I just heard from the library that they have one more on hold for me (!)! I am well on my way to a BINGO (or two)! 

Planning....Dad's memorial while he waits in my living room.

Delighted finished socks! Pictures soon. If I show you now I'll have no reason to blog next week.

Watching...The sky and waiting for it to change. Hopefully, the heatwave will break and cooler air will move in. Summer is here.


It's difficult to even look at that photo of Smith's windshield, so I can only begin to imagine the horror of it all. I am so very glad that Smith wasn't injured and ever so grateful for that door post. Enjoy that growing pile of books and dog-dreams for the future!

Oh wow, what a scary accident. So glad everything turned out ok!

I remain grateful and relieved that Smith was not harmed. You deserve all kinds of treats for getting through this week - reading, drinking cocktails, knitting - do whatever makes you feel rested and at peace. Love you!

I am so, so very glad that Smith is okay -- and I hope his flashbacks end very soon. Having just finished a bathroom re-do of my own, I "feel your pain" (the mess, the cost, the hassle). BUT . . . I'm also here on the other side to tell you that you'll LOVE it once it's finished! :-) So glad you could have some wonderful time with friends this week -- you really deserved a bit of relaxation with your gal-pals. XOXO

Two years ago my husband was driving home when a 2 X 4 came flying into his windshield. It hit just in front of his face, then cartwheeled up and dented the roof! We both can remember/imagine Smith's terror, and send up prayers of thanksgiving and healing for him. Hugs for you, too!

Such a scary accident! I'm so grateful that he was unhurt. I think of you both often. Take care!

Incredible. xoxox

I'm glad you had some fun this week!! Margo's area looks bright & cheerful, calm & relaxing all at the same time -- nice spot to hang out for a while. And Leo. :)

I can only begin to imagine the horror of Smith's accident. It is so good that he wasn't hurt & hoping those flashbacks stop soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend-it looks like you have some great books to keep you busy!

O.O I am so very, very glad that the bar hit that door post and Smith is ok!!!

Holy fire. Freeway debris is scary. So glad Smith is ok!

So glad that Smith was ok.

Margene, what a nightmare! I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you in some way, but I am so happy for you both that this was not worse! Take it easy this weekend and relax and enjoy yourself. Goodness knows, you both deserve it!

You've had such alot of shocks recently. I know that you will take gentle care of yourself for a good while until the world rights itself. And, a dog! That would be so wonderful.

There is so much to love in this post, Margene! Smith being okay, dreaming, drinking, knitting, reading, friends, watching - things to be thankful for and things of rejuvenation or to keep you sane! I will be thinking about you as you continue the journey to your Dad's memorial - and sending you lots of love as well! XO

I am so happy that it accident played out the way it did! I can't imagine how unglued he must be at times remembering. I'm anxious for more reading time and knitting on the shawl. I'm enjoying it! I hope that you're having some very happy, happy memories as you plan your Dad's service. I'm guessing you're running things by him? Have a nice weekend Margene!

Such a lot of ups and downs for you! Hope there are smoother waters ahead.

Holy @#)$(*!

I'm so glad Smith is okay, and that you're okay, too!

Praise be to all who have watched over you and Smith; so thankful that he's OK. What a scare. Love that Dad's in waitng with you...t'is a comfort. Take care.

oh YIKES! I am so very grateful Smith is ok and hope the flashbacks stop soon (as well as the nightmares I'm sure you're having). What a blessing you had some girlfriend and schnauzer time this week... Hugs and good wishes, my friend!

OH MY GOSH! that is awful that he was in car accident, and I am happy he is okay. Oh please get a schnauzer soon, really!!

So glad the car was the only thing hurt in the accident!!!

It takes real discipline to deny puppy fever. Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer. After the renovation, maybe?

Thinking of you as you plan your Dad's memorial service. I know that can be difficult sometimes.

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