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When reading an audio book, all activities are best done alone, that is, unless the person you're with is enjoying the same book. Smith and I have different taste in books and, therefore, we each have our own iPods. Usually, we only listen to books when we're alone, but it is a known fact that Smith becomes very talkative if I have my earbuds on. It is a little rude (unless you have an agreement of silence) to wear earphones when someone else is in the room. 

The best thing about audio books (or podcasts) is alone time is quality time and/or time can be spent doing duel duty. Who doesn't like to multitask? I have had an Audible account since 2006, June of 2006, which means I've been listening to books for 10 years. I don't know what I'd do without my iPod.

Ten Things To Do While Listening to an Audio Book 

2016-06-20 05.03.14 1

 1.Take a walk and watch the sunset (or the moon rise).

2. Clean the house. (Vacuuming may be a challenge). 

3. Take the bed apart, do the laundry, put the bed back together. Fold (the rest of) the laundry. This is the time moving slowly can feels right. 


4. Care for the garden. Plant. Water. Weed. (Sit back, relax and enjoy your accomplishment.) Weed again.


5. Knit up a storm (but if you need to read the pattern, stop the recording until you can pay full attention). The picture shows most of the accouterments in my knitting bag. (Side note: I love Leone Violet Candies.) 

6.Mindlessly surf the web (but turn off the recording if you're going to read something). 

7. Exercise in the way you like best (although, swimming may be a problem).  Also, I listen while doing my PT exercises.

8. Prepare a meal (alone). Even doing the dishes isn't so bad if you've got a book in your ear.

9. Do nothing (which is OK!). Just listen (it's an awesome experience)!

10. Sit on the patio with a cup of tea, or better yet, a glass of cold white wine, or a cocktail. Listening to an audio book makes everything better. 

Ten Things To Do While Listening to an Audio Book is brought to you by Carole.


love the photo of your knitting stuff! lovely and makes me want to knit and buy knitting tools :) You've given me an idea to make exercising more fun ( like it could ever be...)!

My list is almost exactly the same as yours, and I feel the same appreciation for my ipod. I use it and listen to audiobooks every day and there aren't many things in my life that I can say that about. (Maybe my toothbrush, but it doesn't read books to me.) Your violet candies are beautiful; I'm going to have to find some and try them!

Your shawl looks beautiful! I love how subtle the color differences are! And, yes - it is not nice to listen when someone else is there (unless they are completely engrossed in something). However, the one thing I miss about my old job was the hours I could spend doing "mundane" work and listen to books. It made the days of yuck be so less yucky!

I think #10 is my favorite!

You are are making me feel three generations back with technology! Audio books are a new challenge for me, so it was interesting to read everyone's post about it. The shawl is yummy (did I mention that I love anything purple?)...just sayin!

I had to laugh about Smith being more talkative when your earbuds are in. My hubby is the same way. Your knitting project is looking beautiful by the way :-)

I've only listened to an audio book maybe once (on a long car trip) and it was so long ago that I think it might have been on a cassette tape! Are you able to listen to an audio book sample before purchasing? That would be important to me.

My DC work commute is a 100 miles RT a day. Listening to books is my sanity saver.

Why is it that people want to talk to you more when you have earbuds in? I never could figure that out.

Drive time and sewing time seem to be when I listen most!

Love audio books. I have a waterproof IPod and earplugs but only listen to music while swimming. Hadn't thought about listening to a book, but I suspect there are too many distractions in the pool to concentrate on a book.

Like the idea of listening while weeding or housecleaning--espencially the latter. It might make me finish a chore instead of getting distracted .
My main audio book listening is either while editing photos (an aspect of my job that takes huge amounts of eye time but my brain is free to listen and follow a story) -- or long drives alone on a job.

I still haven't made friends with audio books. I know! What's wrong with me? I think I would be too distracted to do anything but listen, but I still have it on my do list to try. I hope you had a good solstice; I did!

A super list, especially when accompanied by that magnificent sun set. And I especially like #10.

Norman pays no attention to my earbuds...I don't think he even sees them in my ears, so I always have to alert him...


what wonderful photos! I'm in awe of how early you adopted audiobooks. (I was barely reading much of anything beyond a book a month for bookclub in the mid-2000's!) But I'm a definite convert. For all the reasons you've mentioned (and a few more). Listening is almost always my favorite way to read!

I love #1, and the photo-what a great way to end/start the day!

I didn't do this week but #10 would certainly have been on the list! And I didn't think about it while weeding but now...I'm in!

I only listen to audiobooks when I'm on a road trip - they always keep me awake while I drive.

I love to listen when I'm driving, especially when I have to sit in traffic. I figure at least I'm reading a book while wasting an hour.

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