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Maybe I'll just post a picture every day of my incredible mountain view. The light changes throughout the day, but in the morning it is often a breathtaking play of shadow and light between cloud and sky.

There are times I have made the (somewhat) arrogant statement that I do not have UFOs (which we all know can't be true) and that I rarely have more than two WIPs hanging about. It was Kat's summer KAL that got me thinking about what might be lurking in the corners of my crafting closet and, on closer inspection, I found two lovely knitting bags, each with a pair of socks tucked inside.


Technically, I'd finished the both pairs of socks pictured, so the UFO/WIP situation may hold true, BUT, shortly after they were finished, I had to admit to myself the toes where not very comfortable. I tucked the socks aside (or, as you can see, ripped out one toe), so as to fix the fit, and then, add the pair to my sock rotation. If you are a believer in "things happen for a reason" (I'm not), you could say this is a very opportune time for two nearly finished pairs to come to light. In any case, I will now have THREE new pair of new socks to greet the wintry chill. This is very good news, indeed!

The skein of yarn you see pictured, has yet to be wound. It is Knitterly Things "Vesper" sock yarn (Carole's favorite), in the colorway Fire and Ice, which must have entered my stash around Christmas 2 years or so ago. At the moment, I seem to be on a stripy sock kick, which is good, as I have numerous choices in stripy yarn languishing in my stash. If I end up knitting this pair it would result in a 4th pair of socks for winter's rotation, but I'll wait and see how my knitting time fares. 

Are you knitting this something fun this summer? Is it blazing hot where you live? 


Socks almost completed sans toes are a happy find! Much better than my single sock syndrome - getting the gauge of the original sock is not as easy as it sounds. I love that Vesper Sock colorway! I have ordered some yarn from her, thank you very much!

As for fun knitting, I am not sure finishing the plethora of UFO's I have can be classified as fun, but I am feeling accomplished at getting things done!

It's my dream to eventually live somewhere with an incredible mountain view, but until then, I'm always happy to see the beauty of your mountain; every day is just fine with me! My other dream is to finish a pair of socks that I shoved in a bag and have ignored since. Thanks for the inspiration to get going!

My knitting came to a standstill earlier this year related to my mom's final illness. I have finally started knitting a simple shawl with alternating lace & stockinette sections, so it keeps me calm and holds my interest. It is very hot & humid here in central IL!

Whoa, that Fire & Ice colorway is AMAZING! My crafting time has been so limited, but I've been plugging way at the TTL Mystery Shawl and *almost* keeping up! We had a storm come through in the wee hours that really cooled things down, but we'll be staring 90F in the face again by Saturday.

I lived in the mountains for 16 years, and I miss them so MUCH. Yes, please, always mountain pictures! It is blazing hot here with humidity out the wazoo, so no knitting has been occurring. (Heat index 119 one day this week.) I don't believe that things happen for any particular reason, but sometimes the universe gives us happy finds, like socks! Have a great day!

Great, such a serendipitous find of nearly finished socks just when you needed them.

What a treat - you'll have new socks with hardly any work!

Thanks for sharing the mountain view!
Some days it is in the high 90s here; other days, it's in the low 70s. Getting dressed is always a challenge.
I have many UFOs, and I'm making a real effort to get some of them finished, which feels good!

I'm always up for a pretty mountain view! and for cheering about knitting :-) I can't seem to recapture any sock mojo so it's a good thing I don't need many socks to get through a southern winter ... Sara, on the other hand, has asked for more house socks. Wisconsin winters are surely sock-worthy, so I must get on that! and yeah, it's been hot as blazes. Hello Summer!

love the jumbled colors of your knits, so beautiful and inspirational! You could easily post a photo a day of your mountain view and I would never tire of it.

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