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Officially Summer


There was a reason we took an extra day off for this first weekend of summer. Memorial Day Monday is notoriously crowded no matter where you go, but on Tuesday, everyone goes back to work and peace reigns.  Our Favorite Breakfast Spot is very crowded on weekends, but during the week there is no wait and the kitchen can prepare a meal to my specifications. It felt so good to once again be sitting on the deck in the clean mountain air.


The day after a holiday is the perfect time to visit Silver Lake because everyone else was there for the Holiday and we had the trail mostly to ourselves. The aspens have not yet leafed at this elevation and the meadow was filled with dried grasses. Since snow totals were higher than they've been the past few years, there is a good amount snow yet to melt. Silver Lake sits in a glacial bowl and is fed only by snow runoff. This year the lake is fill nearly up to the boardwalk.


On the backside of the lake where the walkway wends through the forest, we had to hike over piles of snow and jump over streams of running water. Parts of the lake were still iced over. The sounds of birds filled the air, a sure sign of mating season, but we did not hear the usual scolding of squirrels or the quacking of ducks. We also did not see moose (as we have many times in the past) but we did hear a frog, Our first ever!


Part of our afternoon was spent in the garden, but I returned home to get out of the sun and relax a little. I did a little knitting and reading before starting preparations for a nice dinner together. While working around the house I listened to The Queen of the Night, a book that has everything! Intrigue, sex, prisons, murder, mystery, music, PLUS, beautiful descriptions of gowns and costumes* (after all it is historical fiction of an opera singer's life during Napoleon the IIIs reign). I rarely read books of this genre, but I'm trying to stretch my reading muscle. I decided on the audio format because the book is quite long (over 600 pages) and when listening I can use my hands to get things done. Best of all, this book fits on both my Read Harder list (historical fiction set before 1900), as well as fills a Bingo square (set in a place you'd like to visit). Win-win! 

Yarn is wound, directions printed, and needles at the ready, but I have yet to begin my TTL Mystery Shawl. Tonight will be quiet, which means I'll be able to listen to my book and work through the first clue. I hope to finish the sock this weekend as well!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends. 

*For more information about the costumes and the book, read this Vogue interview with the author, Alexander Chee.


look at all that SNOW! still! in June!! sorry for the excited yell, but it's been 90+ degrees here this week and the thought of walking through snow is...chilling ;-) that book sounds wonderful. perfect accompaniment to knitting, too! happy weekend!

Glad you had a wonderful time at your special places. And that there's a great snow pack! Yay for water.

I'm excited to see your mystery knit along grow :) eep! Love the photos and I would love to have trails all to myself :)

I love your descriptions of Silver Lake - I can picture it and feel like I was right there with you. And I'm glad you didn't see a moose. Ha! I have that book on my list to read this summer, also. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so much.

Those photos are gorgeous Margene! And, the book sounds very interesting - I might have to stretch my reading muscle with it as well! I am eager to see how your mystery shawl progresses! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Even though I know there is snow in the mountains, it's still a surprise. There were whiteout blizzard conditions on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park at the end of May and they've just begun to plow. Someday I'm going to live near those snow-covered mountains! Thanks for sharing Silver Lake (and Queen of the Night)!

Thanks for sharing your photos and descriptions of your beautiful Silver Lake!

Oh, you are smart, smart people!! So happy to hear that the lake is full, and the snow looks lovely (from here in June!).

A few years ago when I was based in SLC I had a spare day between work and rented a car and drove up to Silver Lake and it was glorious. It was fall and not too crowded. You're making me want to go again! Hope you had a grand time.

Such a gorgeous place! :)

The days of business trips to SLC are over, so I will probably never visit Silver Lake again...except here on your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. It's the next best thing to being there.

Oh that scenery...And that book! It sounds wonderful. Off to check my squares...Have a nice weekend Margene! (I'm listening to Thunderstruck by Erik Larson and I want to claw my eyes out. But it's for book group so I will soldier on! :-))

I'm so used to seeing that mountain popping with golden aspens that I gasped to see all the white! So beautiful - in all seasons. Now I'm really intrigued with Queen of the Night . . . all those costumes . . . XO

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