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Amazingly, it has been 5 years since I knit a pair of socks. Also, amazingly, I've finished a pair this year! The driver for knitting this pair of socks was the high attrition rate of the elderly socks in my sock drawer. The oldest socks in my drawer are around 20 years old. I know! It's stunning to think they're still going! I knit socks constantly from 1997-2011. A pair progress was my constant companion for many years but, this year, they have started to show their age. Anything from a small hole—that can be fixed—to blowing out the toe and/or heel—which is a bigger problem—has happened this winter. If I didn't get on the ball and at least try to knit a pair of socks, I was going to be forced to buy (and WEAR) mass-produced socks!! gasp 


The pain in my hands was severe, but I had to try. And try I did. There were days I could only knit a couple of rows before I had to rest my hands, but I kept going. A little here, a little there, and progress was made. I sought the help of my doctor and he prescribed prednisone and advised I get an X-ray of my shoulder. The results of that came back that all was well. How could I be in so much pain and if ALL WAS WELL?!

Finally, the prednisone did its job, a very good PT helped me do my job, and together we've found what works to ease, and maybe someday, eliminate the pain. What is it they say? It takes a village? Well, that is very true. In the meantime, I have intrepidly worked on the socks. Usually, I could only work in fits and starts during SnB. Mostly I sat with the socks in my lap, but at other times, I could keep up a pace. The first sock took over 2 months to knit,  but the second sock was knit in one quarter of that time.


I used the tried and true pattern, Carole's Picot Edge Socks, and Biscotte & Cie Felix Self-Striping yarn in the colorway, Loopy Herman. The next pair of socks is waiting in the wings. I'm hopeful my sock drawer will have one or two more additions this year.


These are beautiful! I'm glad you have found some resolution to your pain issue, especially if it means you get to knit socks again. My sock production has also dropped but I know what you mean about those aging socks in the drawer!

Those are wonderful socks and it's also wonderful that your pain is being addressed. Self-striping yarn always seems to help me keep knitting, and like you say, "A little here, a little there, and progress was made"!

Those are GORGEOUS socks! I am so happy you are finding resolution to the pain issue. Sometimes, small step reap great rewards - great way to show me how to be persistent Margene! XO

Those are great socks, the colors are perfect for Autumn! I'm a slow knitter because I get cramping & numbness if I knit too long. I've learned a little knitting each day is better than no knitting!

Yay for new socks! Your "elderly socks" (love that description) won't know what to think when this new whippersnapper joins them in the sock drawer. :)

This makes me so happy! They are beautiful socks.

Oh, those are FABULOUS!! Here's to "one or two more..."

I love them, and glad you have a new pair to offset the attrition

handknit socks are the best! I'm sure your sock drawer - and your feet! - are glad you're back...even at a slower pace. that pair looks like a perfect fit and I (too :-) love that picot edge!

I love the Biscotte & Cie self-striping yarn. It knits up so beautifully! (Yet do I have a pair of my own? Why, no. . . ) I'm so glad you were able to find some relief for your aches. (I also need to replenish my sock-supply. Because holes-a-plenty is what I've got now.) XO

They look gorgeous! UGH - how frustrating about the pain. Here's hoping the PT can figure out a way for you to get through that.

Congrats on the new socks, and it's great that you've been able to do so much knitting. Awesome.

They are beautiful socks! And here's to feeling better. I've finally got a pair going myself after a good long year or so without. Aiming for a pair by the end of the summer. :-)

Glad you have some relief from the pain. I think pt's are miracle workers and hope you are pain free soon. The socks are great! I can relate to 20-year-old socks...and other vintage clothing!

I may have to look and see if I have a skein of self striping yarn. Love your pair. So many of mine are sitting in the to be darned box waiting for me to have little enough pain in my wrists when I hold the darning needle to actually fix some of those holes in my socks.

Nice socks! I am apparently super hard on my socks--none of min emake it past 5 years. I really need to get some sock mojo again.
Glad your pain is easin.

Great socks! Glad you have felt well enough to knit socks; that is a challenge when your hands are hurting. Here's to more sock mojo in the near future, and to continued improvement in how you feel.

Beautiful Socks, glad you felt you could work through the pain....

Great job on the socks. I admire you for working through the pain. I recently discovered that magic loop hurts my hands, which is a bummer because I love the technique.

gorgeous socks and I'm so glad you are finding a way to knit and minimize the pain. I was challenged with my knitting for over a month due to RA issues. So far (fingers crossed) I've improved. I haven't tackled sock knitting yet because I know that annoys my hands in the best of times.

Those socks are so great and inviting. I've knit one pair in my lifetime and I think it's time to start again...come fall, after I finish a few other projects. My knitting projects list grows...
I do so hope your pain ceases and that you are forever rid of it. No fun! Take care and have a great week.

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