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Officially Summer

Relaxing, Being, Doing

Sunday's pop-up showers did very little to dampen our spirits or put a damper on the joy of summer fun. Monday's weather was just as picture perfect as you'd want the first day of summer to be. We used up every minute of our days off as best we could and we're still out there having a great day today!


1. The first thing I did to kick off my summer was to get a pedicure. My toenails are now a happy summer blue and I enjoy wearing sandals to show off the color. My fingernails are my usual buff only, no polish, thank you. 

2. Smith worked late Saturday night, but I enjoyed a nice evening out with a girlfriend. Girlfriends are the best!

3. There has been a whole lot of reading going on and I am happily ensconced in two fabulous books. I'm listening to Queen of the Night, by Alexander Chee, and reading (in good old book form) Chicago by Brian Doyle. I LOVE this book. Doyle wrote one of the best books even, Mink River


4. Sunday morning I visited my mother's grave, left flowers, and told her I missed her. I've visited her here for 26 years and in a months time both mom and dad will be here.


5. Sunday evening we visited my niece, Shauni, and had dinner with her family. After dinner she gave us the gift of playing my father's viola. Dad gave it to her a few years ago when she was playing with an orchestra. He had played in community orchestras throughout his life and was so pleased to pass on this lovely legacy to his granddaughter. 


6. Monday Smith helped Shauni's husband, Jordan, till a patch of ground in their backyard. I stopped by the garden center and bought the plants needed for their first vegetable garden. Now in the ground are tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers, a great start!. Jordan was as pleased as he could be to have a chance to dig in the dirt and create a garden in his own backyard. I predict success will be his. 


7. Smith and I had the chance to just kick back and relax, sit on the patio, and look up at the incredible blue sky above our heads. I was able to  knit, or read, or chat with the occasional neighbor who stopped by. I sipped ice tea and daydreamed. Usually we have little time for this much chillaxing and we enjoyed every little moment of it. 


8. I printed my BOTNS Bingo card and found books on my TBR that fit into many of the squares. I may easily get one Bingo, but not sure I can, or want to, go for a black out. I will be asking for suggestions on certain squares as I fill in my card. 

9. I also started AsKatKnits Summer KAL and knit on my sock.  It won't be finished this weekend, as I had hoped, but I am very close and should have a finished pair by the weekend! I also wound the yarn to ready for the TTLMystery Shawl KAL. Wednesday I will begin and hope to get off on a good start. Needles are ready.to.go!

10. Smith and I have still more weekend to enjoy, as we have today off together, too! YAY! We are going to fit in as much work, errands, fun, kick-backing, and joy as we can. Summer is off to a grand start!

You can read more ToT posts over at Carole's blog. How did your first summer weekend go? 


The gift of time off together is the best. Looks like you made the most of it!

I'm so happy that you and Smith have had a good weekend together and hooray for extensions of the weekend, too! Everything you did sounds awesome. You're right about girlfriends, I hung out with mine this weekend, too, and it was great.

Your weekend sounds so lovely! I have my yarn wound and my needle ready to cast on tomorrow! I have queued up The Plover, Martin Marten, and I am on the wait list for Chicago! Here is to a summer knitting with Brian Doyle!

Brian Doyle is one of my favorite authors-I loved Mink River, The Plover, & The Thorny Grace of It. I look forward to reading Chicago and his other books. He writes passages that are so lovely that I have to stop because it takes my breath away.

Those toes are tip top Margene! Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful weekend. And I'm with you...here's to summer 2016!

Fabulous! Yours and mine!! I, too, loved Mink River and will have to look for Chicago... maybe I can find a spot on my Bingo card for it!

Have a MARVELOUS 2nd day of summer together!! xo

A fabulous weekending/summering beginning! I enjoyed every moment and appreciate your sharing the bitter with the sweet. How lovely that your niece has your dad's viola; how sweet the sounds must be.
I am reminded that I desperately need a pedicure too and thanks for the suggestions to read Brian Doyle; I'm sure I'll find a spot on my Book Bingo card for his work - totally new to me (I am not much of a fiction reader).

What a great weekend you had! I am really enjoying Mink River and am glad to hear there is another good book by the same author.

Love the bright blue on your toes!

For the time travel, I highly recommend To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis or her The Doomsday Book or her pair of novels, Blackout and All Clear.

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird was published in 1873 and is delightful.

I think our nails are the same color! I'm glad to be in such good company on that!

I think my fingers are the same shade as your toes! And I see Susan said so, too. Great minds and all. ;-)

I am an old poop when it comes to blue, green or other nail shades. I stick with red, brownish red, pink etc. Clearly, I am old school!

What a nice weekend, I like blue toes too :) screams summer! And I keep my hand buff too. Like minds and all that jazz. Staring at a blue sky is heavenly!!

what a lovely way to kick off summer... that garden is in good hands, I think, and I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your knitting (I started the TTL mystery today - love!) and reading. cheers to June!

Margene: I was so sorry to read about the passing of your father. My heart aches for your loss. Monday was the two-year anniversary of my Dad's passing. He was also 88, and a day doesn't pass by without my thinking about him in some way. I hope the memories you have will help to lessen the pain.

Jana F.

I wanted to comment on the yarn names. Steady Rain and Build an Ark lol definitely meant to go together.

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