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Thank you so much for your kind wishes and condolences. Grieving has its ups and downs, made all the more apparent because the memorial is a month away. My family is working on Dad's memorial and looking forward to the day we will all be together. However, that isn't the only reason for my blog silence, in fact, I'm not sure I can even pin-point what it is, but I've decided when the motivation strikes, I'll blog, or at least, try to. 

At the moment, I am happy to report I'll have a 4 day weekend. AND, Smith and I will have 3 of the 4 together! We can't remember the last time we had that many days in a row off TOGETHER! Smith has had very few holidays off at all. The luxury of time is something neither of us have on a regular basis and we're looking forward to luxuriating. This weekend we may tackle a few home improvements and/or maybe take a day trip. BUT, doing "nothing" is at the top of our list. There may also be exploration of a new cocktail recipe (or two). I need to stock up on lime!

Part of my plan for tomorrow is to do some organizing, contemplating, deciding, and joining. One thing I know for certain is I'll be joining Kat's summer KAL.  This is a KAL with NO rules(!) and, since I have a few things I'd like to finish up, plus a couple of new things on my "to knit" list, I jumped to join. As an added bonus, Kat's KAL comes with recipes and cocktails! I have been knitting socks (which I may have already told you) and might be able to finish them this weekend. I'll count them as my first finish of the KAL! Win-win! (I typed "wine"-is that a sign?) 


As soon as Kirsten announced her new Mystery Shawl KAL I knew I had to knit along. Every one of her mystery shawls has been a big win and Germinate, Liz Christy, and Algiers are in regular rotation and are more oft on my shoulders than most of my other shawls. I feel like I can't lose by joining.  Another win-win! The pattern calls for two color of yarn and since I had a few skeins of beautiful gray Marianated  Yarns just sitting around, I thought they should go to work. I think I've decided on the two darker grays, Steady Rain and Build an Ark, because this has been a pretty wet spring. 


I may be overly ambitious with my declarations as I'm in the midst of shoulder PT. Knitting (and computering) has caused considerable pain in my shoulder and arms, but with the help of my doctor, and now the PT, the issues are being addressed. I've been able to knit (for short periods of time), plus work on the computer without additional pain (a big win, because that's what I do for a living). In addition to KALs I'll be doing my PT homework!

This weekend looks to be a big WIN-WIN all around!  Here's to the kick off of summer!


happy LONG weekend! glad your shoulder is feeling better and look forward to seeing more about your knitting ... and about anything else you're inspired to share - it's always a treat to find a post from you in my blog reader!

You and Smith are in my thoughts daily, Margene. And, I am so happy to be double KALing with you this summer! I am so happy you are having a long weekend of whatever you want to do - a well deserved treat for both of you! And, your blogging is always welcome - I love the inspiration you share! Have a great weekend and I think those colors will be so beautiful for the MKAL!

Enjoy your time with Smith!

It's so nice to see that you are feeling better, if it is only in fits and starts. That is a beginning. Take advantage of this long weekend, do what you want to do, not what you think you must. Unfortunately, what you think you must will still be there when the weekend is over. I think typing "wine" was definitely a sign! Happy Holiday!

Enjoy your long weekend and time with Smith! Hope that PT homework pays off in spades!

Thinking of you, and so happy that you & Smith will have some holiday time together!! I have joined both of those KALs, too, because 1) NO RULES + COCKTAILS and 2) KIRSTEN. I can feel my knitting mojo already rising.

I think we always win with wine! Have a great weekend. xo

Those socks are GREAT, Margene. (I really need to get started on a new pair of socks.) I've joined Kat's KAL (because how can I not?), but think I'm going to resist the lure of Kirsten's this year. But, then . . . maybe I'll hop on after all. You just never know. . .

Wine is always win-win! XO

Hooray for long weekends together! Dale has to work with the band tonight but then we've got the rest of the holiday weekend to do stuff, including a beach day tomorrow, lobsters tomorrow night, a pow wow on Sunday and a cook out at a friend's house. I can't remember the last time you knit a pair of socks - good for you and I love that yarn. And also, those grays for your shawl are fabulous! Much love to you and Smith!

post when you post, we will be here! Frodo says hello and if he could see you he would snuggle and say "get a puppy!". (hint hint).

Love your projects and that shawl is going to be awesome!

Hi Margene! It sounds like a lovely weekend coming up. We're hoping to get some kayaking in on Sunday. I love the combination you've chosen for the shawl. I'm out of that KAL (lace on both sides just does me in!) but am so looking forward to Kats. Socks seem to be calling to me's been a while. Have fun!

love love love the choice - i of course have joined as well..because i don't have enough to knit already…need to make some color choices

Oh do be careful with that shoulder! I can certainly relate

Nice to see you again. Enjoy the time with Smith.

Bummer that your shoulder and arms are hurting. I hope this continues to improve. How exciting that you are knitting socks! Take care, and I'm thinking about you.

Just what the doctor ordered, four days off. I hope you guys are super bums and just enjoy.

You are also a bad influence since you just made me join that Mystery Shawl KAL! Seriously, I just bought the pattern and will repurpose some fingering weight that I already own. Love the grays you pulled out of stash! Yum.

Hope you're well and healing and I'm your sister in PT!

I'm just catching up with my blogs after a few weeks of minor illness and travel. I'm so sorry about your father and about Smith's Uncle Bob. I'm glad you and Smith will have a few days off together - enjoy it, no matter what you end up doing (or not doing!).

I hope you and Smith are having a lovely break together. :)

I love the stripiness of those socks!

My mother's memorial was delayed like your dad's. I found I couldn't find my way through the grief until after the service. Sending hugs your way.

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