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Swimming out of the fog to bring you the 10 Albums I Love, brought to you by Carole's Ten on Tuesday. I have these 10 albums on my iPod (as well as many others I love). Several of them are also in my car and I listen ALL the way through almost every time I listen.

John Coltrane - Love Supreme

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (or Sketches of Spain)

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

Gary Clark Jr. - The Story of Sunny Boy Slim

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Van Morrison - Moondance

Beethoven's Op 133

Aretha Franklin - Aretha's 30 Greatest Hits

Bob Marley - Legend

Let it Bleed - Rolling Stones

Santana - Santana

What's on your list of favorite albums?


Margene, what an excellent list! Fantastic picks!

That settles it. I can definitely go on a long road trip with you! You drive, I'll knit and listen ;-)

Yay! Hello!! I'd go along on that road trip... great tunes!!

Terrific list!

I wouldn't mind inviting myself along on this road trip to listen to these great albums! I'll even drive, especially if we head to Red Butte Garden.

I like that you have a classical album I your list!

We would have a big fight over the car stereo on a road trip. :D

Great list Margene! And I'd be happy to drive! :-)

This is a great list! I would add Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but then again, that is one of my favorite pieces. I'm glad you poked your head up, I was wondering if you were ok. Glad to know you are.

I wondered which Dylan album you'd pick!!!! :-) Great list, Margene. So many wonderful albums. (And I love the photo! Looks like the gardens are beautiful right now. (Okay. Now I'm playing Joni Mitchell. . . ) XO

I love Gale's comment! yep, we'd be great road trip buddies!! (and good to see you again...I've missed you here!)

I love how varied your list is. I'm probably in the minority, but I'm an Internet radio listener more than an album buyer.

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